July 3, 2017


Dentist appt. rescheduled… super-blessed. abundant-life, we’ve been hooked up with a day off recognizing the fourth… praise God for independence, but even more for Liberty God has given us…. Redeemed, we are, free indeed. The Lord ‘is’ that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty… (2 Corin. 3:17)

There’s not much planned. HA! No one knew we’d be off all-day… so we’re all kinda’ basking in that right now… prolly’ check out some hotel prices for this weekend… (for family/loved ones) who can visit and we can spend some time together in G-ville… very much looking forward to it. Really, really looking forward to it… this weekend has been awesome!!! Life is good… thank You Jesus for every struggle and victory… thank You for life abundant…

Thinking about Canada’s independence and America’s independence prompted me to think of Mexico’s independence (recognized May 5, but historically Sept. 16) which prompted me to think of immigration and acceptance and improved relations and a conscious effort to learn Spanish and make a conscious effort to understand their culture and thinking, heritage, that a mutual (proactive) exchange can be cultivated, not silence; indifference, or fear… I’m just saying… I’ve never been offended or disrespected by anyone native to Mexico, it’d seem to me that Americans need to be responsible for the great changes we boast of performing in the rest of the world… rather than looking down Uncle Sam’s nose…


There are some falsities in my life… ideas that I accept as correct; manners, and ways of thinking that I believe are the answer… Lord, help me with these beliefs that are not pleasing in Your sight–> these ideas that are the shattered, distorted, remnants of what is true. Deliver me from the snare of the enemy and help me to keep away from every appearance of evil.


–I’m not my own, Father

–Thank You for not throwing me away… even when I wanted to throw myself out.



June 1, 2017


Better now, but I was hurt’in earlier… Just tired of everything… … Altogether, beat… and ‘on edge’… Really wanted to say to hell with everything- going on where I’m at… but that’s ‘feelings’… Feelings are not not not to be lived by… there’d be countless flipped tables behind me, were that the case… Leaving the house would equate to leaving God’s will deliberately… leaving hasn’t been an option and it’s not an option… it hasn’t been– nor will it be… Were that the case (separation with house) I’d work from that point….. being that it is not the case, I told myself to get the ‘hell’ out the house… when two of my bros decided to make a trip up the road (into the city) I ‘dipped out’ –> ‘dipped out’ hard too, and that did me some good… Telling myself to let go let go let go let go let go, breathe!!! Nothing going on in this house should even have me ‘pulled taut’ in such a manner… but I’m far from perfect….

Lord help me stop- feeding the wrong dog… You see me better than I do… and I’ve made compromises… help me believe in Your work in me… help my unbelief Jesus… cause’ it won’t take much for me react marginally in response to someone’s ignorance. (and that ain’t right… <shaking head>)

I need YOU, Lord… <shaking head while smiling> I need You…