September 3, 2017


Okay, ‘you caught me’… I’m sitting in the new Crown Vic’ aka ‘the Cloud’, and fitfully so… while writing this entry… The mentor who seen fit to don me with this vehicle is a generation and 3/4 my senior… (though he drives considerably faster than I do. Ha!) so in many ways he’s the best kinda’ old school… for real for sure, You can’t beat Old School values with a bat… the way he’s taken care of the car, certainly reminds me of my own grandfather (Opa)…

So, yea’, I’m sitting in the car– ‘cak’in’ on a Sunday… a/c is cooling the interior down, (I’m sitting here sweating, looking crazy, maybe, but I’m blessed, highly favored, and excited bout’ my ride… pshhh… I’m sitting on a cloud 😛 )

Thank You, Jesus, no joke no joke… and yea; I might be sitting in the ‘whip’ but don’t get it ravelled… my solace is in the Lord… Father… I mess up and say things I shouldn’t, I think things that are inappropriate… and pretty ghastly to say the least… thank You for deliverance… and the reality that… yea, I may be sitting in the sun in ‘my’ car… but yea’- may the car be sanctified, consecrated to Your work, and the fact that this devotional, and Bible are sitting right beside me never change.

Thank You for Your forgiveness, and sending the man to me, today, who shared with me a good report of that which he’s observed of me (as a young single man)… that inspires a rekindling in his own ministry…

Thank You Lord for Your kindling.


September 2, 2017


The idea behind the act of writing is not one of complexity… but the expression of the hope I have, and not a hope that is lacking… my written word is testament and proof of the Word that was given to all men and women that they also may have this hope. Hope in the return of the King… who asks of them nothing, but that they would believe on His name; the name of His Son.

Everyday is not a ‘good day’ but the day was indeed made good… and everyday we experience… with breathe in our lungs, is indeed a ‘new’ day that we have an opportunity to cultivate, introduce, and meet with our Creator on a personal- level.

God cares for us as individuals… and, yes, I’m borrowing this quote, but God wants our fellowship and relationship so much… He wants us to be part of His family so much that He sent His son to die for us. I used to think God was a punisher… that He was responsible for telling us the do’s and don’ts… amid other distorted trains of thought, but God wants to love us all on an intimate level… answering the ‘phone’ has been the best decision to ignore You today, but spend time with You.

August 28, 2017


Hallelujah!… Got resources… the Lord is blessing His children, the Lord is call’in His children! Gathering us under His wings. He would that none should perish… Every second is a blessing! Every mistakes been a lesson. I can hardly imagine a life where the Lord did not lay out things as plainly as He has… I mean… who saw this coming??? Not me… Had no idea I’d go from literally grating the remnants of heart I had on concrete and rubble, to a change of residence, to these relationships, to the growth (spiritual, physical, mental), the sensitivity, renewal, perspective on life that’s both profitable and progressive. The support is unreal… for real.

So, today, I found out that I’ma be getting on with the (DubbSquared) company… Hiring process (paperwork), Friday… (This Friday) my class is going to end just in time for the next class I need… bout’ the same time I’m starting work… insurance (auto) is gon’ be paid tomorrow by my own hand, (not without God making this possible), all the way up 6 months… and I’ll be in a car by Wednesday. No Joke!


Lord God, You are good to us… thank You for Your grace and mercy… thank You for helping us remember to pray… thwarting the enemy’s plan to divide the house.

August 26, 2017


Good morning Jesus!.. Today is Saturday and the weather is absolutely fantastic… Fall is slowly but surely setting in and as old as I am (28), I can’t help but detect the nostalgia that is associated with the ‘state fair’ of my youth, fall festivals, and concerts (that I never attended, but always wanted to go to.) :), My past is undeniable, my future is uncertain, and today is unprecedented, but here nonetheless.

Lord, some days I write, for fear that I won’t (write)…some days, I write simply because You never said to stop…some days it’s simply because I have the ability to do so… If nothing more than proof of my existence and more importantly Yours… No matter what this life brings or what this world says, help me never forget Your words and promises to me… How that, ‘none of this is for no reason.’ Every cut, every bruise, chipped tooth, cracked bone, swollen lip, busted knuckle, cold night, wet night, strained muscle, broken relationship, moment of despair, of contrite wandering is for waste or mere points of reference… it is and always will be for Your glory. .. The spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; He hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. –Isaiah 61:1

Thank You Lord for every disciple/ servant that walked before us.

August 25, 2017


August 2017 has had it’s space in history, and it is surely coming to an end. This month has been a good one… especially with the excitement of the eclipse and getting closer to beginning my career…

Typical Friday, good Friday, bright Friday!!! ‘Cleaning up the house’ Friday… bout’ to go to class- Friday… During class we will probably work on circuit boards… (makeshift boards where we configure circuits and rearrange them, etc.) We got a new guy in today, which is awesome, cause we’ve been meeting him, and working with him, on and off, for a few weeks… he made a commitment to join the house… and we’re all pretty much excited for the guy… because we all have a decent understanding of the opportunities that come with the commitment of living here, and furthermore… serving the Lord.

August 20, 2017


Almost let today get away… (writing)

March 30, 2016  .. I began keeping a journal… not because I had to, not because it was cool, not because it was the right thing to do, but because there was a small pull in my heart to do so.. by any and every way possible, I gathered one motivation after another, to continue… if not for any other reason than because I was told to (internally).

Every day, logged, was not easy or convenient, but it took each of those days to get me to this entry, today. Writing and my committal to do so daily has certainly had an impact on those around me… and, though, I may never know the extent of ‘that’ impact… it is all good because the experience, thus far, has been invaluable… with the first entry.. August 20, 2017 had certainly not been thought of…and, yet, here we are, and here I am…

Thank You Lord, for helping me to set aside any/all weights that would beset me… thank You for helping me to rid myself of the skewed imaginings of my heart, that are self-seeking… and instilling in me a desire (renewed) to pursue you fervently. Your will be done, Lord. You are good to us Lord, Amen. Thank You for mercy and grace.


August 17, 2017


It’s good, and it’s been good, and by ‘It’ we’re talking bout’ life… not the infamous clown created and spawned in a novel by Stephen King…

There’s nothing new under the sun… but under the Son, there’s a new-thing happening everyday… in a world where death is ministered to any unwitting audience that will receive it… God’s prepared a life for His children that is continually renewing itself… where life abides… I’m thankful I’m not waking up every morning dreading ‘today’ will be just like yesterday, and so on. Everyday is drawing the sons and daughters that much closer to each of God’s promises… Thank You Lord for impressing on me how that I did not have to pinpoint or figure out the mystery of Your love or an ‘Oh so boggling mystery of life’s purpose…’ I can remain driven by the fuel of the knowledge of Your grace and mercy for us, and find rest there, purpose, and all that is the only truth worthy of delving into.

Thank You, Father for helping me ‘let go’ of those things, people, and places that are not expedient for the life You’ve called me to; including myself.