July 5, 2017


Waiting patiently for my monthly evaluation, to take place… I’m the last guy, aside from our newest addition. Pretty much waiting for the hammer to fall… I hate to say that, but this month has been very trying for me… but, it’s a great day, and I trust God to assist me in standing/sitting still and accepting correction.


Short day, good day, good class… great service… I was dragg’in a lil’ by service time…(Wednesday Night Service) just tired… tomorrow we will be working with volunteers… up early, but I’m actually learning to love those mornings… now that I think of it, my Opa (granddad-mom’s side)  made it a point to get up every morning 3am and go to work for over 20 years… working with the Postal service… He was a man people could count on… He was faithful and loyal to a fault… that’s pretty much how I frame all the men and women in my family… the greatest bits and pieces that I have of them from birth, …I’m making a conscious decision to hold fast to them/ to see the best in them… I suppose, the devil thinks he has a very strong chance at deceiving each of us into ignorance and separation from God (confusion amid family members)… but i’m not ignorant of his devices… s’why I must do all I can to stand- and after that- continue to stand. i am being trained up… I am a child of God. I am a child of light. I am a child of hope… and the captives will be liberated.



July 4, 2017


Thank You for liberty, Lord- thank You for life and waking me up this morning… F3 group was monumental..74 participants! It was awesome, we were all over downtown… A serious privilege, it was…

Sitting at kitchen table and having breakfast and coffee… praying the Lord help me to not take things overly serious as I should take my salvation… if I spent half the energy I spent trying not to be misunderstood or explaining my perspective, into my relationship with God… *phew*… might actually be working on something, then… straight up!!! Today, is a good day the Lord has made—thank You Jesus for helping me compliment the kingdom- not tear it down.


Few speed bumps, but all together it’s been relatively chill… at the house… guys are prepp’in dinner, and we’ll see what’s up after that. I’ma actually proceed on coast, for real, and that’s for everyone to know… I’ma focus on myself- which is what should be doing at all times, but it should be life in respect to Christ… and not toward everyone else… gee, that’s exhausting… cause’ everybody seems to have their opinion for how you should live life, or how they could live your life better for you… that really eats at me… but I am definitely seeking God’s help in re-configuring my thoughts and heart to live in some kind of practical peace in regard to this cyclical debacle.


Life doesn’t get easier,

we get stronger…

(quote a guy shouted out while we were working out (F3))

July 3, 2017


Dentist appt. rescheduled… super-blessed. abundant-life, we’ve been hooked up with a day off recognizing the fourth… praise God for independence, but even more for Liberty God has given us…. Redeemed, we are, free indeed. The Lord ‘is’ that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty… (2 Corin. 3:17)

There’s not much planned. HA! No one knew we’d be off all-day… so we’re all kinda’ basking in that right now… prolly’ check out some hotel prices for this weekend… (for family/loved ones) who can visit and we can spend some time together in G-ville… very much looking forward to it. Really, really looking forward to it… this weekend has been awesome!!! Life is good… thank You Jesus for every struggle and victory… thank You for life abundant…

Thinking about Canada’s independence and America’s independence prompted me to think of Mexico’s independence (recognized May 5, but historically Sept. 16) which prompted me to think of immigration and acceptance and improved relations and a conscious effort to learn Spanish and make a conscious effort to understand their culture and thinking, heritage, that a mutual (proactive) exchange can be cultivated, not silence; indifference, or fear… I’m just saying… I’ve never been offended or disrespected by anyone native to Mexico, it’d seem to me that Americans need to be responsible for the great changes we boast of performing in the rest of the world… rather than looking down Uncle Sam’s nose…


There are some falsities in my life… ideas that I accept as correct; manners, and ways of thinking that I believe are the answer… Lord, help me with these beliefs that are not pleasing in Your sight–> these ideas that are the shattered, distorted, remnants of what is true. Deliver me from the snare of the enemy and help me to keep away from every appearance of evil.


–I’m not my own, Father

–Thank You for not throwing me away… even when I wanted to throw myself out.


July 2, 2017


Here’s what I do know, Father… and that’s that Your son come and gave His life for us… true story… also, that I am a sinner- bought back from death–redeemed by the blood of the perfect sacrifice made by Your son… there is no thing I can do to give myself life- death was defeated by Christ- and His righteousness alone… the work of God is faith in His son, and to believe, continually… claiming that restoration, clinging to that hope, claiming His grace, His mercy; but not without begging that work of repentance performed in our  hearts by the Holy Spirit…

No matter how good it’s going, no matter how blessed I am; without the knowledge of where the blessings come from… that happiness is not sustained… we are not self-sustaining… peace comes from relationship with the Father… time spent in His presence…acknowledging His work in us… He gets all the glory. Father, You get all the glory!

This afternoon was good… the whole church went out after church… we sat, we talked, fellowshipped, played softball, there was stuff for everyone to do… (kids, adults)… the eating was good, service was good… we were taught about the hearts of the sons (parable_ lost sons… one the prodigal, and one who had a resentment toward his brother… (older brother in that parable)… we also talked about the samaritan and the two commandments… to love God with our heart, soul, body, and mind.. to love our neighbors as ourselves… bout’ to go park it for a few minutes before I head out to an evening devotion.

June 28, 2017

4:40ish P.m.

Shout Out! J.E. I love You Bro…aka Bopete.  I’ll see you in a little while… God bless Your family.. Thank You Jesus for peace in the hearts of all friends and family… thank You for giving us beauty for ashes Lord! You are and forever will be worthy of praise. Thank You for new life in the hearts of Your believers… Thank You for encouraging the heart of all younger brothers Lord… increasing their courage… and the lives You have set for them… 4:45pm

We are heading to church in about an hour and a half… class went well… the hour we spent in the shop was a ‘trying’ one… dunno’ why… things just ran the way they did… some kind of communication misfire… I dunno’… I was more than glad to get out of there, today, though… Tech classes were good… teacher was able to explain to us more about some of the companies in the area that are recruiting reliable workers… pretty stoked about that, I am… if I can manage to find some ‘chill’ I think I’ll be fine… hehehe… I’m still in pursuit of the ‘chill’… Throughout the week, thus far, I’ve accrued a lil’ bit of insight… looking forward to this weekend…. the house’s White Water Escapade we’ll be taking part in…

June 27, 2017


Thank You Jesus for the ‘rest’ You’ve granted me… a night of peaceful thought and restoration… Somewhere in a dream, I think mom and I were debating some point or another… *sheesh*–> but I’ve been well rested. Hallelujah!

Dunno’ if I’ve discussed this yet but it’s become exceedingly evident that I’ve got NO ‘CHILL’… not in the sense of being cool, but the ability to ‘relax gainfully’… at least that’s my personal definition… and this will be my target goal for the week… to gain some insight as to how to ‘relax gainfully’ (chill)… somewhere inside of me has been placed a firmly rooted seed of fear, that I rebuke in the name of Jesus, but I do firmly believe that it is the fear that time will be lost and that something will be missed or that something will not be accomplished… I’m not even necessarily trying to escape ‘it’ or ‘put a finger on it’… but I do wanna grow through it. Devotion is to begin shortly… so a review of last weeks studies are in order… Till’ later.. here’s to (glass clink) ‘Relaxing gainfully’.


(Home from work)(Personal Time with the Father)

Thank You Jesus for this process of becoming. 


Yo! I refuse to live in the fear of failing… *psshhh… My God’s arms are wide open…and yea, I fall short, everyday… but this bout’ more than just staying positive… there’s plenty people doing what they can to stay positive, but if that house is built on anything other than truth… then that house is temporary…and yea, my ‘houses’ been shook regularly to help me grasp this, and even today-, I’m understanding that, that’s what’s going to happen- the fears gotta’ be dispelled, the storms are coming, but NO MATTER… it’s for my good… Mold me, shape me, break me, recreate me, raise me… and whatever it takes… thank You for renewed faith and Spirit- taking any fears and help me see’em, and through’em… cause’ that’s all they are and they didn’t come from You… help me to recognize the good thing and desire that far above the wickedness… Help me remain driven, Father… bless my families, friends, and all I meet… and guard my heart against offense Lord… Watch over my enemies Father and if it be pleasing to You, grant them repentance.

June 26, 2017


Not my will… Lord Jesus, but Yours… be done… I’m glad i’m not in charge… cause’ You are the only one who can decree a righteous judgement… my own soul is not even within my grasp apart from You, Jesus…

Thank You for Your teachings, Lord… for helping me feel welcome despite all my shortcomings… and strengthening my faith by each of my weaknesses… I regularly fall short, but You’ve helped me understand it is not that I may be destroyed, but for my good…

Waiting on one of the bros. to come home from work… I’ve been instructed to give him a drug test and brealyzer… all dude had to do was call someone and let them know he’d be late… or that he was going to be working a double or something, but he hasn’t said anything to anyone… It’s really frustrating and I’ve addressed with the other guys how I was feeling, but they’re telling me… I don’t have to feel frustrated… it just irks me that the man I’m speaking of, has continually expressed in his actions that he just doesn’t care… (at least it comes off that way) and , yea, it bugs me…

Now, I’m being instructed not to let the man in the house without him speaking with the director… so, that’s what I’m gon’ be doing; sitting up, and being patient and waiting on my brother who I’ve lived with for about 7 months and known for over 12 months to ascertain whether or not the man is going to be allowed to continue living here… to find out what the deal is…


Just received a call from director… all is well and I can go to sleep… the guy was indeed still at work and he is on the way home now…

Praise God, thank You Jesus… for getting him here safe… and helping me to put my eyes on You and bringing priority back into focus. Form a sound perspective in me Lord.