July 4, 2017


Thank You for liberty, Lord- thank You for life and waking me up this morning… F3 group was monumental..74 participants! It was awesome, we were all over downtown… A serious privilege, it was…

Sitting at kitchen table and having breakfast and coffee… praying the Lord help me to not take things overly serious as I should take my salvation… if I spent half the energy I spent trying not to be misunderstood or explaining my perspective, into my relationship with God… *phew*… might actually be working on something, then… straight up!!! Today, is a good day the Lord has made—thank You Jesus for helping me compliment the kingdom- not tear it down.


Few speed bumps, but all together it’s been relatively chill… at the house… guys are prepp’in dinner, and we’ll see what’s up after that. I’ma actually proceed on coast, for real, and that’s for everyone to know… I’ma focus on myself- which is what should be doing at all times, but it should be life in respect to Christ… and not toward everyone else… gee, that’s exhausting… cause’ everybody seems to have their opinion for how you should live life, or how they could live your life better for you… that really eats at me… but I am definitely seeking God’s help in re-configuring my thoughts and heart to live in some kind of practical peace in regard to this cyclical debacle.


Life doesn’t get easier,

we get stronger…

(quote a guy shouted out while we were working out (F3))

July 3, 2017


Dentist appt. rescheduled… super-blessed. abundant-life, we’ve been hooked up with a day off recognizing the fourth… praise God for independence, but even more for Liberty God has given us…. Redeemed, we are, free indeed. The Lord ‘is’ that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty… (2 Corin. 3:17)

There’s not much planned. HA! No one knew we’d be off all-day… so we’re all kinda’ basking in that right now… prolly’ check out some hotel prices for this weekend… (for family/loved ones) who can visit and we can spend some time together in G-ville… very much looking forward to it. Really, really looking forward to it… this weekend has been awesome!!! Life is good… thank You Jesus for every struggle and victory… thank You for life abundant…

Thinking about Canada’s independence and America’s independence prompted me to think of Mexico’s independence (recognized May 5, but historically Sept. 16) which prompted me to think of immigration and acceptance and improved relations and a conscious effort to learn Spanish and make a conscious effort to understand their culture and thinking, heritage, that a mutual (proactive) exchange can be cultivated, not silence; indifference, or fear… I’m just saying… I’ve never been offended or disrespected by anyone native to Mexico, it’d seem to me that Americans need to be responsible for the great changes we boast of performing in the rest of the world… rather than looking down Uncle Sam’s nose…


There are some falsities in my life… ideas that I accept as correct; manners, and ways of thinking that I believe are the answer… Lord, help me with these beliefs that are not pleasing in Your sight–> these ideas that are the shattered, distorted, remnants of what is true. Deliver me from the snare of the enemy and help me to keep away from every appearance of evil.


–I’m not my own, Father

–Thank You for not throwing me away… even when I wanted to throw myself out.


July 2, 2017


Here’s what I do know, Father… and that’s that Your son come and gave His life for us… true story… also, that I am a sinner- bought back from death–redeemed by the blood of the perfect sacrifice made by Your son… there is no thing I can do to give myself life- death was defeated by Christ- and His righteousness alone… the work of God is faith in His son, and to believe, continually… claiming that restoration, clinging to that hope, claiming His grace, His mercy; but not without begging that work of repentance performed in our  hearts by the Holy Spirit…

No matter how good it’s going, no matter how blessed I am; without the knowledge of where the blessings come from… that happiness is not sustained… we are not self-sustaining… peace comes from relationship with the Father… time spent in His presence…acknowledging His work in us… He gets all the glory. Father, You get all the glory!

This afternoon was good… the whole church went out after church… we sat, we talked, fellowshipped, played softball, there was stuff for everyone to do… (kids, adults)… the eating was good, service was good… we were taught about the hearts of the sons (parable_ lost sons… one the prodigal, and one who had a resentment toward his brother… (older brother in that parable)… we also talked about the samaritan and the two commandments… to love God with our heart, soul, body, and mind.. to love our neighbors as ourselves… bout’ to go park it for a few minutes before I head out to an evening devotion.

July 1, 2017

Today is July 1st, also known as the day of Canada’s Independence… ‘shout-out’ to my Canadian friend, (aka Bill Nye/ aka Tim Allen…  🙂 !!! today, being the 150th anniversary of all things Canadian!!!

Today was a full day… upon waking we, (self and roomies), went to play ball for a couple hours… came home, got clean, went downtown… called my ‘Goddaughter’ who I’m seeking to cultivate a relationship with… spoke with my cousin (Her mama)… came home, downloaded some music, made plans to stay after church tomorrow for a function (fun, food, softball, etc.) Looking forward to that, so, I really need to be going to sleep… Past two days have been great… but having fun can be exhausting… definitely going to need to rest some tomorrow evening.

Feeling relatively peaceful, it’s been nice to get out… God is good and His children are exceedingly blessed. Speaking of children, my brother/friend and his wife, delivered a baby about 2 hrs. ago… He sent me a pic of his wife and the baby and I was speechless, like, whoa! Cause, I spoke with him earlier today, and it is insane to know that God has blessed them with a living, breathing, little person… it’s unreal to say the least… Thank You Jesus for having blessed my brother and his wife… it truly is incredible to witness what you have accomplished in their lives. Thank You Lord Jesus for the futures prepared for us all.

June 19, 2017



Proverbs 19:2– Increase learning, heeding wisdom, instruction… of which the origin is of God… not being so sure myself and own experiences but trusting in God’s will for my life.

Proverbs 19:3– My own wishes/desires, apart from Christ, distorts clarity in the way that has been laid out for me… if I am distraught with my own plans not ‘coming together’, is it not God’s plans that I am distraught with? Is it not God’s plans that are being ever-fulfilled? So if I’m fretting, is it not against the plan He has ordained?

Proverbs 19:19- A man of great wrath shall suffer punishment: for if thou deliver him, yet thou must do it again… (Note: Speak with director bout’ this ‘wrath’ and his thoughts on where it may be generated from… and if it can be addressed in another manner than how I am, currently.)

May 25, 2017


T-Minus 43 minutes before fundraising/auction banquet takes place. There will be many people in attendance… (many expected, anyways)… Mostly ‘donors’ to the company… It’s going to be a good time, I’m sure3… I’ve got some jitters but I guess that’s normal… and more excitement than anything… it’s just a little ‘new’ to me… walk around, smile, say Hi, smile speak/don’t speak, smile… sit down, stand-up, smile, shake hands… HA! Maybe, thinking about it too much… Not sure what all is being auctioned off, but I’m told it’s not cheap stuff… the whole event is a major blessing for us… if it weren’t for the donors the company would not exist. After the event, we will be breaking down the audio/electric equipment we set up this morning… helping the audio people load it up… hope the ‘break-down’ goes as smooth as the ‘set-up’. It’s gon’ be great…

Thank You Father for peace of mind… steadying the head and heart, helping me stay motivated, and driven… Thank You also for safe travels, and Your exceeding blessings.

May 12, 2017


Lord… thank You for the work You are doing in my heart… break my heart for what breaks Yours… I cannot see the work being done by the surgeon (Holy Spirit) but I trust His work… thank You for helping me get real ‘small’, not to proclaim my own righteousness, but to Your glory Father.


Another week for ‘da books’… dinner’s been made, come home from work unscathed, learned a lot today pertaining to the electrical portion of training we receive ‘here’… I’m not in a hurry to leave, but I can see why the guys before me, were. (In more than one way.)


Finally sitting my butt down… ran around this afternoon… skating, bike-riding, running back-n-forth to stores… chilling out, now… doing the Friday night movie thing we usually do… My feet are actually appreciating the relief of sitting down, more than I knew they would… there were a few hurdles to jump today… I think the largest hurdle was acknowledging the current lack of capacity another individual and myself have had in putting aside our differences. Long story short –> dude got irate/agitated this time about my driving… seeing as I drive us all everywhere… NO problem, drive slower, drive safer… DONE…  I can do that. Now, would you believe that today while we were on the way back home from class, coming up to a four way (intersection) in our vehicle… NO JOKE, we were prolly 2 seconds, or half-a-second from collision; man!, we were rolling into the intersection and car blew past us from our left to our right!!! I hit brakes and turns out these people ran a stop sign… the moment was pretty intense… needless to say… I’m grateful we had the discussion about driving, and that we did not get hit by the car, and that I was receptive enough to put the stuff into practice that was discussed. Thank You Jesus for keeping us in every way.