August 21, 2017


Woke up, fresh and renewed, this morning, excited about the days impending phenomenon ( solar eclipse)…

Nothing, short of spectacular… literally, felt like a new year had begun— once the moon had made its pass…

The morning consisted of a devotion service where we discussed some interesting facts surrounding the event… after making a one/two hour trip out to “Whateva’ land” (aka…Possum’s Kingdom…yes…this is a real place.. 🙂 ..) and offloading a trailer of scrap lumber/garbage, we raced back to Greenville (home) where we could gather our belongings for class (Greenville Tech) and, our glasses (solar), and anything else we needed for the ‘trip’… To be honest, I wasn’t paranoid, I wasn’t scared, and my heart was clear, but yea’ I took a backpack with me that contained a variety of tools, water bottles,       cash ( not that I’d need it if ‘everything’ went bonkers), and a mini-speaker… Really, I just like being prepared for whatever… so, yea’, after mind, body, heart, and spirit and their preparation, I didn’t wanna’ be stuck out and about today without some means of prep. for anything unexpected that may occur —

We were released at 1:40ish from class to view the moon’s passing… after taking a test. Once we were out of class… we went out to the parking lot and witnessed people assembling on grassy areas, atop buildings, in the parking lot, etc. after getting the speaker out, one of our guys had sought out an area where we could sit/relax and digest this surreal ‘happening’… I mean, this ‘thing’ that we’d been hearing and speaking of was gradually transpiring ‘right before our eyes’… NO ONE  could stop it or impede it’s progression… traffic fell asleep… a gentle breeze gathered, and it’s as if all life began to take a long deep inhale…gathering, gathering, gathering…until the state of ‘totality’ was actualized… fireworks went off, many were smiling- merry, and in utter awe at the splendor of this reality, few, if any of us had ever been accustomed to… I’m not actually sure one could be accustomed to such an unnatural occurrence.. (hahahaha…unnatural to who ‘us’ or to earth….smh…of course, it’s not unnatural to the planet… it’s perfectly natural… our lives are soooo short. Thank You Jesus for Your thought of us.)..

To sit with my brothers, at peace, and reflect upon the Creator’s glory and magnificence truly was inspiring… and impacted my life in such a way that I am not yet sure of.. Thank You, Father.


May 30, 2017

Vision-blurry (when looking long-distances, aging) Looking toward the LED clock of the cable box… we will be holding devotion shortly… used to be able to see stuff very well from this distance… must be getting older… 🙂 (what a blessing! 😛 )

Woke up this morning expectant of a ghost (from past) to text me… why I would desire that? Cause’ I tend to reach toward the foolish things when all around me is still and safe.. (making trouble…) The water all around me is still, so let me stand up in my ‘figurative kayak’ and rock it!!! <Rock-Rock-Rock> and what do you know…splash!!!!… I’m all Wet!!! That’s what the track record shows, but that’s not what it is today or what it’s gotta’ be… (but it gets those juices/emotions/tinglings/ ‘feel goods’, coursing through the veins).


Father God, forgive me for any lack of gratitude– thank You for refining me. Thank You for the breathe of life… thank You for the ‘re-direct’, helping me keep it real with myself, and not be ‘flaky’ toward You… help me NEVER EVER to settle… and to push with everything… where You are is where my life is hidden… help me live as such… rather than trade that for what ‘I wants and I thinks’…

Thank You for the desire You are fanning in my heart to seek You, knowing with every day, that You are moving me toward the future You’ve envisioned for me.

April 25, 2017


     I’ma tell it like this… Father… I saw that man’s (boy) face in the congregation… he was hurt… I could see it, that he knew about what I was saying ‘up there’ tonight… I stood in front of the congregation and shared the goodness God has showed me… in hind-sight I’ve determined I ought to have prayed with the young man… God is leading me by the hand and it’s like I was unsure of what might be said or done… and in those final moments the Spirit led me into a calm that had an undercurrent of intensity… even now, the enemy condemns me and accuses me, saying, ” You did not say this,” “You didn’t do this“… Get behind me satan in the name of Jesus of Nazareth… No man knows the hour or the day that Christ will come for the church, but I thank our Father who is in Heaven that I was granted another opportunity to share the gospel of His Son… Lord… You are worthy of our praise… still… my hands and thoughts regarding those things which were done tonight… and comforting my heart/mind in all that is to come… not that I’d think highly of myself… but that I’d forever stand behind Your glory and attribute to You every aspect/detail of my life… Glorify thy name… forever be magnified.

January 13, 2017


     Praise God for this beautiful Friday morning… I… roommate and I are sitting on “the world” we vanquished at least one dragon today… (which looks awfully a lot like a refrigerator) We probably had at least a weeks worth food in there that was not edible/expired, etc… now, we are upstairs waiting for class to start… we were listening to this pretty chill folk song by Parker Milsap called ‘Please Forgive Me’, that was good stuff… I listen to a lot of music now (this concerns what is playing now) that I would not have listened to in the past… I would have found them slow, sappy, etc… but my perspective has changed, in how the lyrics are received, and who the songs are to, and that relationship is one I partake in… I am a joint-heir… *quote… Real-time…now playing <same power that rose Jesus from the grave, the same power that commands the dead to wake… lives in us…> That’s empowering… bout’ to get ‘ready’… thank you Lord for your innumerable blessings and your perfect plan.

     *Everything is as it should be, considering, nothing is as it should be…

The spiritual walk was described to me, today, as walking up a downward moving escalator, so that when one stands still they regress in their idleness…(I can certainly appreciate this analogy.)