July 29, 2017


Holy is Your name, Father… Thank You for grace and mercy.

Thank You for bringing ‘Jose’ Colorado’ home safe from his stint in the county jail. Brother went home (Colorado) for what was sposed’ to be a short visit and court appearance. (He was assured he’d do ‘no time’.) This was close to two or two and one half months ago… the brother made it thru with an incredible testimony… I mean, the man was spirit-filled during his stay with the Overcomers, and his patience/faith has been tested and refined (as the heart’s of the sovereign’s children often are… being purged in His love unto righteousness.) and he was delivered to the jailer’s in Colorado where he was able to be a walking, talking testament of God’s love and mercy. blessed are the feet of those who bring good news… (Isaiah 52:7)

thank You Lord for peace in our house and sanctifying Your sons for that which You’ve ordained us. Thank You Father for blessing my leaders and counselors and our positions in the kingdom- as lightbearers… for courage and boldness to be obedient in season and out of season… filling our hearts with praise and our lips with songs of worship. You are worthy Lord.. help us stand and continue to stand.


July 18, 2017


Home… we’ve pretty much been gone the better part of the day… all in all it’s been peaceful… mostly, one on one training on adding circuits to an existing breaker box… installing new outlets… some of the information was new, and some was a review, but it was all good to cover… I’m excited for the career I’ll be starting as an electrician.. that in actuality has already begun.. I’m taking every step necessary to become an electrician, and it’s certainly my reality… in spite of every crippling event that could be used to deter me from trying to do anything legit with my life… PWID, escape, 2nd degree burglary, multiple misdemeanors… literally too many to name, multiple assaults, etc… all kinds of obstacles… the Lord sought me out and restored my life from the corner of depravity it’d become and restored a hope in me… an expectation of great things to come… I drove myself, by all means, deep into a sea of anguish, desperation, and hell… that left me naked, numb, and empty; void of substance… all that was left was the hope of something more… That little hope has been added to and multiplied significantly

Thank You Lord for every promise, each of Your blessings, all of Your will, deliverance and salvation, redemption and restoration.

May 9, 2017


Home from visiting a church to hear a brother’s testimony… ‘pushing’ to write, right now, needing to grab something to eat… don’t wanna sacrifice quality for convenience, but that’s the way the ‘leaf descends’… sometimes… Seems very mundane some days (writing), and that’s when I have opportunity to step back and check my status… motives, and ‘all that’… the motive is to practice discipline and self-control… to hone consistency while being vocal concerning the regeneration of life in me…

After confessing and repenting (turning from sins), believing Christ died for me… my life has become new… fully restored and better than…

Despite any rain that may ‘pitter-pat’ against the glass… Christ died for my sins (the atonement), I’ve accepted Him who has become the advocate for me with the Father (Creator of all things). He’s delivered me from alcohol/substance abuse and grant me liberty, through the life of His Son. In Him I’ve discovered purpose, in Him I’ve discovered truth… my testimony is true… I was as a dead man… today, I live and breathe for the hope of His return… He will not tarry… the kingdom of God is at hand…

Lord, if but one would receive the words of this testimony… and hear ‘the call’ of Your voice… I ask in the name of Your son, Yeshua (Jesus, King of Israel), that You would grant them repentance. If but one would receive You, Father, then this will not have been in vain.

Jesus, You are the true Vine…

the Way, Truth, and the Life…

He, who removes our sins as far as the east is from the west.

Thank You for that true light–

Which lighteth the world.

March 30, 2017


     Father God!! You ARE AMAZING!! I’m finished with the task of pressure washing an area where we had paint drip on the sidewalks… and I am overwhelmed and in a state of disbelief considering today to be the official date of my first anniversary! One Year anniversary! For beginning my walk with God (we are talking about–> ‘intentional living’… making my relationship with Christ a priority.) After battling a degree of temptation. I trust in God- spoke to God- clung to Jesus and made my way to sitting down and giving the Lord praise and I was awakened to the whole aspect of how today is also the day I began Journaling… It’s a beautiful thing.


     Wasn’t frett’in bout’ any money! But, hot diggity dog! Lord blessed me to see the day where I done received a raise! MAN!

     God’s been so good to us… won’t be too long before I’ll be able to share my testimony. (CR) I’m not gonna lie… I’ve thought about this moment for a long time. I’ve even weighed out my motives… my motives are to celebrate life… to exalt the King of Kings who is the Restorer of Lives— He is Love… He is Life… and I refuse to stand in my own way when it comes to sharing that He has begotten in me… that is in the revelation of His Son.

March 26, 2017


     Today’s activities ran as follows:

Wake Up- (7:30am)

Take-off w/mentor to Spartanburg… we went to Krispy Kreme, had donuts and coffee.

Take-off to Union (church service am)

*Sunday School-discussion was on Caleb, and his ‘overcoming’, concerning the spies’ testimonies of why the Israelites could not obtain the land God had chosen for them.

*Am church service was mostly concerning obedience and Spirit took over the service… Pastor didn’t preach so much as he allowed the congregation to testify and declare what God has been doing in each of our lives.

*Had lunch at Hardees…

*Rode out to Shelby, NC, to a rehab and spoke with a man there (share support). Also, we dropped boxes of toilet paper off there.

*Rode to Simpsonville- office of mentor- where he did some stuff in his office. I did some resting in a side office. I was very tired. After napping for an hour we head-out to a church in Simpsonville.

*Preaching at the church in Simpsonville was ‘on point’… everything I had even thought about sharing… the preacher covered– and much more… it was a huge blessing to attend… I was also invited there to share my testimony.

     There were apparently some matters the Pastor had to address, up front… what the Pastor had to say was all scriptural and also very blunt… he -no doubt- stepped on a lot of toes… nonetheless my increasingly sweaty palms found a way to relax, throughout, the service, Pastor invited me to the podium where I slowly and steadily began to ease into a recant of a condensed testimony.. After the Pastor prayed us out he invited everyone to come and meet/greet with my mentor and I… I was given opportunity to share with many, the joy, peace, and hope God has placed in my heart… I am truly blessed to have been included in the body of believers… to have the privilege to be a son of God… sooo much has yet to be revealed.