April 29, 2017


Sat down to begin today’s entry and I have just remembered my plans to clean garage. Upon reading Proverbs… I’ll be going to handle that mess… it’s no burden… I’m actually looking forward to the task… it’s proactive, I get to use my hands, listen to the radio, and ‘space-out’ in a good way… thank You Lord for direction.


Got the garage knocked ‘all the way’ out… it’s very clean. HA!!! Felt really good about it… that process ran for about 2 hours or so… After rolling around a while with my brother who also ‘skates’ (45 min. tops) my ‘blood-brother’ text me and let’s me know he is in downtown Greenville… so, I hit him up and asked him if he could see a parking garage outside of the establishment he and his friends were at… and ‘dig this’ my bro was literally two blocks away… My housemate and I wen the two to the restaurant, which came complete with two bars (alcohol), which was not an issue for either of us… went to the back of the establishment where my brother and three of his friends come and sat down with us. We chatted for a moment and I felt impressed to pray with them and so I did… it was a major blessing to have been able to meet with them… after coming home, we mostly (all of us) ‘kicked it’ in a group… minus one individual… I’m trusting God in that work being performed in the young man’s heart.

Going to bed soon… church in the a.m. Thank You Father for divine appointments, for New life and a new thing.


March 23, 2017

Standing in the kitchen at the island/peninsula. Aha! I guess you would call this a peninsula… (we were discussing a scenario for installing an outlet, the other day… that involved a ‘peninsula’… moving on, now)  Standing here, needing to call dad concerning the fact that I contacted my uncle of my own volition, yesterday… he called me back, and we spoke for a few minutes, due to the ‘awkward blood’ and bull-crap sediment floating around in it… I resolved to call ‘Unc’ anyways, (also, despite the lil’ voice in my head saying, why don’t you wait till’ you have the money you borrowed from him to pay for that high school physical?) After looking him up online I resolved to call him… in the message I left… I just told him I was proud of him and loved him. He hit me back, and it was a blessing, but I gotta talk to Dad… cause’ I have to keep it straight-up, he’s my ‘Pops’ and I wouldn’t want to break what we have, now, [trust] for anything.


March 22, 2017

2:02 PM

     Awake, briefly, to make this entry… dunno’ what we will be doing later on… Now is a good time. Stayed home again today… treating symptoms with Alka-Seltzer… I did need the rest… it’s likely I’ll be going right back to sleep in the next 20 minutes. Even while my body is aching and my throat is stripped raw, a brother been texting me with updates from the hospital, (where he is currently), talking bout’ how he is cancer free… he was diagnosed bout’ three months ago with cancer… but ‘today’ the doc says the test are displaying ‘no cancer’… I’m not gonna argue with him… it’s amazing… I probably haven’t prayed specifically for this man or that cancer in three or four months… but God never forgot about *Man’s name here*, he hears our prayers and He is worthy of all praise. Got about two more hours before my brothers come home from work… I’ma spend the lil’ bit of quiet time I have left- listening to Psalms and resting.

11:30 PM

Heart, drive, and passion

manifest into profession

with guidance, counsel, and direction.

-C.Hemingway II

December 6, 2016

9:20ish pm

Note to Self–>> For future reference…

     Do not sit at computer for extended amounts of time (four hours) listening to music at dangerous volumes… dangerous being, that volume that leaves your ears ringing for a prolonged period. It’d definitely be a shame to lose my hearing or damage my ears by being so careless… especially if I aim to make music, at some point, a ‘professional hobby’… I’m not going to go off on a large side-bar bout’ music… though, the artist’s I’ve been listening to lately are very talented… we did not go to work on site today or to our warehouse… we stayed home today and decorated the house… had a package come in today with replacement phone… had a few visitors come over and we all drank coffee and ate gingerbread cookies… and I can honestly say that was one holiday experience we had today…. if I’ve ever had one… I mean, I’ve ‘done Christmas’ before, and those were nice, they were also a while back… so, today was refreshing. We hung garland, set up a tree, hung stockings and lights, it was alright. God is good… Going to sleep soon… thank you Lord for your grace and mercy.