Real Time: 12:29pm…Need of Prayer

Please pray for the family of all those with family members stuck in the midst of addiction.

Just got word a brother and friend of mine who has been doing exemplary work in the field of disciple-ing men and “walking out” the faith was found dead this morning, (drug-related), after going out of town to visit his family.

This man had hopes, dreams, and a very bright future ahead of him.

He was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.

For whatever reason, last night he made a fatal decision that cost him his life.

For all those struggling in addiction. You don’t have to live life alone. There is help and your life does have worth; more care for you than you know.


July 29, 2017


Holy is Your name, Father… Thank You for grace and mercy.

Thank You for bringing ‘Jose’ Colorado’ home safe from his stint in the county jail. Brother went home (Colorado) for what was sposed’ to be a short visit and court appearance. (He was assured he’d do ‘no time’.) This was close to two or two and one half months ago… the brother made it thru with an incredible testimony… I mean, the man was spirit-filled during his stay with the Overcomers, and his patience/faith has been tested and refined (as the heart’s of the sovereign’s children often are… being purged in His love unto righteousness.) and he was delivered to the jailer’s in Colorado where he was able to be a walking, talking testament of God’s love and mercy. blessed are the feet of those who bring good news… (Isaiah 52:7)

thank You Lord for peace in our house and sanctifying Your sons for that which You’ve ordained us. Thank You Father for blessing my leaders and counselors and our positions in the kingdom- as lightbearers… for courage and boldness to be obedient in season and out of season… filling our hearts with praise and our lips with songs of worship. You are worthy Lord.. help us stand and continue to stand.

July 11, 2017


Nope! Your lil’brother (self), has ‘NO’ Chill… I’ve been tampering with my heart, Lord, and others… not intentionally, but intentionally. .. I’m a mess Father, but things are not completely in disarray… just spun off an emotional carousel; up, down, around… feel sick, up, down, around, *hurl*, repeat… unnecessary stress of which I am responsible for creating.

God has repaired every part of my life and given me a new existence… and every few ‘stops’ I’ll pull the over hanging cord and say, “Hol’up Jesus, I’ve gotta’ make this stop real quick.” I get off the figurative bus, and God’s mercy and grace has kept me thus far, but each time there is a consequence, and the spirit says, “I know what you’re going through, but I promise you that you want to, want to, want to, go where I’m (Holy Spirit) taking you.”… and I know it is where I’m purposed… and it’s not that I can not endure, or that I’m having a rotten time, or that I’m even being impatient, or any number of excuses… I’d venture to say that it boils down to me indirectly stating by my actions that, “God, you can no longer have this part of my life… or, you can have it sometimes,” but, ey’, let me be the first to point out that it’s working out, liiiiiike, NOT AT ALL!

Once again, Father, I thank You for the work You’re doing in my heart, helping me not to oppose myself, or lead others astray… thank You for courage, and a desire for You above anything or anybody.