October 15, 2017


Quote that states: character of a man determined during times of turmoil, distress, peril??? (Find it…)

Notes and points for speech:

Explain how HOH has been instrumental in showing a man how to live out faith practically… life does not quit… it ebbs and flows- program is designed to show us how to move with the current and adjust our sails accordingly… solidifying that work which has been started in us. (Maybe, personalize this more?)

Examples of times where things were tense. God’s grace and mercy.

Everyone was a working component of a team… that has made their contribution to moving our lives toward being virtuous men… men of principle, values, and integrity- that can gladly go to work everyday knowing they are part of a greater whole… that believe in such intangibles as hope, justice, and equality, and the importance of sharing— by the authority of Him by which we were sent, the “Good News”

Thank You Lord for safe travels home and consecrating me to You… relinquishing every last bit of every soul-tie- that threatens my relationship with You… strengthen me against this temptation that has encroached me… and thank You for helping me abide in the authority of the scriptures.




June 20, 2017


-Homework for new class “knocked out”…

-Personal devotion time.

-Set-up payments to be made on (defaulted) student-loans

-Installed first walls.. today (I’ve never messed with framing… but I’ma be here working with these guys start to finish on the two houses we are currently building…. all walls were built offsite and we put the first ones up today.) It truly is a big deal to be apart of the projects… To see the effect our presence has on the surrounding community is incredible.

-I’ve completed the work requested by my instructor..(leadership workbook)

-Cooking and eating dinner…

-5:44pm…called dad… maybe go to gym… currently undecided.

-Feeling grateful

-My friend started a new job– hope it is panning out well.

-Big day tomorrow… need to lay it down at a reasonable time…

-Mentor is back from missions trip (Dominican Republic)… I’ll see him tomorrow.

-Ms. Basil (plant) is doing well from what I can tell… trimmed, water, relocated “her” for sunlight. (bought her Saturday).

-Bought a ‘dinky’ Venus fly-trap…Sunday… and he’s, for real, struggling… I’ve pretty much left him to God.. cause he needs serious help… I think I’ve done all I can. (Thinking Lowe’s pimped me on that one. 😦     …… Live and learn… the next dealer I get this bundle of terrors from will be certified… 😉 … prolly name them ‘killJoy’ or ‘Bittersweet’, but I’m super excited. Thank You Jesus… for New Life.

June 5, 2017


Today is better…well… the day is the day… but through the embracing of those truths God has revealed to His children… the icky -decrepitness of sin is waning from my heart, my bones… I can’t earn my way to heaven, nor can any man/woman… it’s God’s goodness, His mercy, His love for us that has been imparted to us by His son… Thank You Jesus. You are showing me, teaching me, softening my heart, giving me a heart to know You… You know how I can tend to mistakenly get off track, monitoring the stats of everyone else’s salvation, sanctification, and get ‘strung out’… My relationship with You should be depicted in the cross by my being appropriated with You and Your promises (vertically) firstly… rather than those relationships with others (laterally/horizontally). I can’t properly lay down my life (outstretched) without that personal relationship with You.

The picture, in my mind, (of the process of growth I’ve been going through) has been one of a sword–>> glowing in oranges, yellows, reds… and the man working/forging the blade is about to cool the blade, but that is the part of the process my body is trying to reject… the most uncomfortable…

Lord, help me not fight the process… Everyone tells me I’m passionate about anything I do and that it can come off as aggression sometimes… I’m afraid that if I get still–> that the passion may dissipate… I see this now… Lord, make my passion a spiritual one… no longer carnal. It’s not occurred to me that there could be a passion that is not good… but I suppose there is a carnal passion… (duh)… That is probably closely identified with pride… Lord help me not operate in that wretched state of corruption… but in the Christlike passion of Your son… untainted, true, full of mercy, grace, and Love.


Bout’ to lay it down… should have been done reading this book… I’ve been a little all over the place, but after some reflection and some very much needed words of encouragement I’ve received through various sources, I’m feeling a whole lot better. (Various literature, counselors, worship, prayer) I really had to open up and allow myself to grab hold of any and every good word that I could… this kind of stretching, regrouping, and growing is all so very new to me… I spent so much of my life ‘checked out’ or walking away from my issues. Many times my initial response to my issues (even this past year) has been similar, but I’m learning to look to God… not just clicking into survival mode whenever I am faced with an issue… those with the hope of Christ are free to live their lives without the fear of death.


January 28, 2017

1:14AM  In the Morning

Can not sleep at all… been laying in bed for 2 hours… so much crap come at me, mentally/spiritually… all the way up to just ‘dipping-out’ and  forgetting my obligations here… took me an hour, but I felt led to go there…’prayer closet’… was still anxious, and when I come out, my roommate went down stairs, my MP3 player was dead so I couldn’t listen to it… turned on light, roommate gone, found cord, bout’ to read… had grabbed phone to call a girl but withdrew hand the moment hand touched phone… that’s not the answer..  this too shall pass, I know, bout’ to do whatever I must… read, or whatever…knowing that this ‘trying’ will bring patience, and endurance… wisdom and understanding. This is not my fight Lord… I commit my will to you Father… I need you… and I know you didn’t bring me where I am to give-up on your promise. You are faithful Lord, thank you for renewal… forgive my thoughts Lord… thank you for healthy meditations.


     May spend a little more time to elaborate on how ‘spectacular’ today actually was, but for now, it’s imperative I get some rest… up late enough as it is. Reading in Psalms… about Ephraim (descendants) and their ungratefulness… for God’s blessing them. Thank you Father for humility, steadfastness, resilience… and for acknowledging the desires of my heart, and knowing me in a way no one else can… thank you for supporting me and helping me to understand the desires of your heart for me… and making that my focus… thank you for clarity.

December 23, 2016


     Jesus, thank you… thank you for the time with family today… and that’s it… this whole experience has been something I definitely would not have been able to deal with the ‘bittersweet rollercoaster’ that this has been. Seeing, is not the solution, but it is definitely important, concerning working toward the solution. Long story short, it is the holidays… and I’m definitely leaning on God to keep me throughout the rest of the stay… I love mom, dad, and my bros… but the song remains the same… Jesus, the Son Has to be the focus… He, is behind the ‘break-throughs’, He is mending spirits and hearts, He is opening our ears, He is helping us overlook offenses… and He is the power source… so, easily my focus drifts… not in objective, but in what the glue is that has kept me thus far… and that old familiar ‘impending darkness’, but nothing, nothing, nothing, close to what it was when I lived ‘like that’, in that ‘muck of a mess.’ I’m not guarded against impending doom… I’m guarded against disabling myself in view of my younger brothers, or any of my family for that matter… in my pride and ego and self righteousness, etc… my usability is brought to ‘nil’, Christ is not revealed in my boasting, or in my getting ‘puffed up’… Getting low… in humility, in prayer, in pursuit of the kingdom, and it’s advancement.