September 15, 2017


Good day, father, It’s Friday, and Your son has the afternoon off.. no class, no nothing, but I feel like I’m sposed to be doing something… go figure… Think I’ma change clothes and head to gym.

Spoke with a project manager, today, about my first day— they want me in the office- 5:30 am to meet a guy (DDubb) and that’s game-time, Father… help me to do those things this weekend that are pleasing to You that will prepare me for Day 1… I’ve not started this journey with You Lord for a mere job…This thing began with a pursuit of relationship with You, Father… You have come through in Your word and promises- more than I know… thank You for driving me to be faithful and hopeful toward the future. Thank You for cultivating me to be a loyal heat… a virtuous man… a man of integrity.


September 13, 2017


Father, I’m down here with Your kids… I am Your child- we are, all, also with the lost… I was utterly and desperately lost… at least, I was ling as such… I’ve unofficially completed my Core Curriculum class… and the day I officially return to the work force draws nigh… Of course I am excited… encouraged… but I’m asking You, today, Father that You steady my faith concerning my heart condition and fortify this thing You’re doing in my heart… to to be fearful of the faces or the tasks, but assisting me in fully embracing a life lived after You, Father… a life devoted. I’m grateful, Father… and I don’t wanna live a life that compliments the fallenness of this world… when people see me, I pray that my every step exudes gratitude, and that those I encounter in this life can’t help but acknowledge the work God is doing everyday… that He is worthy of praise, that He is glorious, that His presence is undeniable… show me Your ways Father, help me be a good brother to the family… a faithful follower– a soldier.

September 9, 2017


Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy… and we ‘cooked out’ and everybody is ‘sitting’ somewhere, or lying down… Got out today and drove around just a little bit… oddly enough there was a doctor’s appointment (I’ve had scheduled forever ago.) I don’t think one individual (well, maybe a handful of peeps) were happy to be at work on a Saturday… nonetheless I was there getting a prescription for my feet… what can I say? Some days are itchier than others…

Any whoooo…after making the ‘drop at a nearby Redbox, I made my way home, and spoke to a few people concerning the hurricanes, earthquakes, and eclipse… it’s all so very much intriguing, and yet awful… but Lord– we welcome you. Thank You for helping us be at the ready… Help us not to strive toward those vain glories, but to eagerly await Your return. Family is good, the house is good- life is good- future is filled with a sure hope… and promise…

Thank You Jesus for moving one of the guys to get out there this morning, also… (for F3 work out) It was great to have someone else from the house to participate.

September 8, 2017


Tell the truth…

wait– patience– let it marinate-

quit living under the pressure of gnats that pump that fake blood-

like their worthy to interrogate your motives-

none are worthy but One-

and He’s not holding You under the gun-

His voice is far from condemning-

isolation is the result of sinning-

even amid the crowd-

no one’s got your back when the resources run out.

Today is Friday

and the static in the air is steadily increasing-

everyone on the coast has the demeanor

that accompanies a bee’s sting-

or one steadily buzzing-

in the vicinity-

Irma swirling, whirling,

countless peoples watching-

the unknown impending-

clouds darkening-

and where is hope-

where is life, where is light-

could I borrow some of Yours…

or here, you could have some of mine…

or did you owe me a dollar or some time?


September 7, 2017


Yes! I am one of countless men and women who, literally, has dozens of dozens of great ideas every week some of which are actually thought to be great by my peers…  😀

So, the latest recurring idea (disclaimer: I have faith that I will begin work on this sometime in the next 6 months… p.s. I am aware that this is a horrible statement to make in reference to setting a goal, as it is very ‘loose’, nonetheless… I’ve also got faith that no one else will do this beforehand and even so, I would be reasonably elated even if they did…) The idea is a book idea, the subject matter would involve living out our faith, as believers, practically… the whole book would be jam- packed with information pertaining to things Jesus and His disciples would have had to have done during their ministry… such as ‘stretching’… I’m pretty positive that there is soooo much evidence of those practical things that they, (disciples and Jesus), did that tie us even closer to Him, humanly, that we take for granted… (that I take for granted…) that would definitely draw me that much closer to Him… as far as relationship… If it were, that I never did write this book or someone else did (also, aware this statement is another major ‘no no’… when it come to goal-setting) there is a wellspring in us as believers that we do not have to fear of a drought when it comes to ideas… or talents… ideas/life/beauty/talent/productivity…does this not abound in the hearts of the children of the Most High?


September 6, 2017


Transition… transition…status…update…smooth…it’s been butter…and yea, I understand it sounds corny… but that’s what this (transition) has been, and to be honest I’ve already been given ample opportunities to spit on everything God has done for me. (No shortages I assure you.)

My anchor is Christ and when ole’ shame and guilt work their way to me through any thoughts/actions I’ve done… then I shun them and turn from my wickedness and repent and seek God, not dwelling on the fears of failure- but on God’s goodness… His love for me- His faithfulness… His mercy and how much I want to be pleasing in the sight of my Father… when He sees me (always) thinks of me (always), I want it to be a faithful servant He sees.


Not going to spend a whole lot of time right here, right now; gonna be making my way to church soon… but I’m pleased to inform you… I was pretty much given the go ahead on my car as far as riding to class, church, and work… and it’s been pretty liberating… it’s not like I’ve never driven, but I’ve certainly never appreciated it… was always more concerned with the image I was seeking to portray… like, the All-American (worker man image) e.g. Budweiser…safety vest-gloves out the back pocket…right after work…6-pack–drinking–better have my food on the table ‘honey’ when I get home bullcrap, or the ‘green man’ (cannabis) with fresh newports 2/3 ounces weed in the trunk…listening to music- ridin’  round town ‘StOOpid’! Loaded gun under seat/trunk/glovebox, ‘Stoopid’!!! I needed Jesus…and I need Him even more today… thank YOu Father for my new career, Your love, my car, deliverance, wisdom, and understanding; You are the best.

September 4, 2017


    Soo much homework to do! By so much, I mean, very little… just being plain ole’ lazy… but, I’m a few hundred seconds from jumping on it… Thank You Lord for waking me up… for instilling in me the truth… helping me utterly hate sin and embrace the present!


Threw on some ‘jammies’ on my way to comfort city where dreams are plenty and the sheep are pretty… Ha! I’ll sit up shortly watching movies and fall asleep after a while… Definitely need to get back in the habit of going to bed earlier, especially with the news of my impending employment with ‘dub-squared’…

This extended weekend has been reasonably laid back… was able to recuperate a good bit and I’m excited for what this week has in store for us.

I’ve got a tall glass of milk and some cookies upstairs with me and I’ve recently recovered a single bed room where I can really stretch out again and be just a little more at ease… not that I was not, before… it’s just nice to have the space…

Thank You, Father, for clarity, purity, and Your steadfast love.