May 31, 2017


Pillows, clean now- without stain, blankets, sheets, laundry complete with the fresh smell… A luxury I regularly take for granted… My room has actually been half-wrecked for the least two weeks…. cleaned up today… apart from my ‘writing in this notebook’, my head is buried in the scent of this blanket…

During service (Wednesday Night Service) I was given the opportunity to donate blood… (not selling plasma, which I did regularly during the year 2013… which I feel is, by definition,  a type of prostitution.) It was a blessing to be able to donate… spoke with a few guys I haven’t seen in a while for one reason or another… (I had been visiting other churches.) Speaking to them led to some of our mutual associates being ‘let-go’ from the Miracle Hill Network… it’s sad as crap… not to be ‘them’ but sad to see people get deceived regularly… Admittedly, everything I do isn’t/hasn’t been about moving forward… I’ve allowed/partook in some ‘not so’ edifying conversations… and the desire of the flesh regularly tries to exalt itself against the spirits working in me. But…. I won’t quit, I’m not going to stop taking inventory, or regrouping, or seeking Christ’s identity in me.

Lord, Your grace is sufficient.