October 9, 2017


Proverbs 9:6 Forsake the foolish, and live; and go in the way of understanding.

Psalms 9:10 And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.

Lord, I need Your grace, I need Your mercy. I am skin and bone and without You I can do nothing…. thank You for leading me in the Spirit by the Spirit… in wisdom in peace in truth… a servant – a priest- that will minister Your word and not merely my own interpretations… thank You for guidance and safety this day. Your grace is sufficient.


September 7, 2017


Yes! I am one of countless men and women who, literally, has dozens of dozens of great ideas every week some of which are actually thought to be great by my peers…  😀

So, the latest recurring idea (disclaimer: I have faith that I will begin work on this sometime in the next 6 months… p.s. I am aware that this is a horrible statement to make in reference to setting a goal, as it is very ‘loose’, nonetheless… I’ve also got faith that no one else will do this beforehand and even so, I would be reasonably elated even if they did…) The idea is a book idea, the subject matter would involve living out our faith, as believers, practically… the whole book would be jam- packed with information pertaining to things Jesus and His disciples would have had to have done during their ministry… such as ‘stretching’… I’m pretty positive that there is soooo much evidence of those practical things that they, (disciples and Jesus), did that tie us even closer to Him, humanly, that we take for granted… (that I take for granted…) that would definitely draw me that much closer to Him… as far as relationship… If it were, that I never did write this book or someone else did (also, aware this statement is another major ‘no no’… when it come to goal-setting) there is a wellspring in us as believers that we do not have to fear of a drought when it comes to ideas… or talents… ideas/life/beauty/talent/productivity…does this not abound in the hearts of the children of the Most High?


September 5, 2017


Thank You, Father, for the day… it was fairly steady… we got back from work… we’re bout’ to head to a group… honestly, I’ve gotta’ declare I haven’t fully submit to go to this group… kinda’ feel like I was manipulated to ge3tting involved… but -bottomline- if I was not supposed to be there, I wouldn’t be… Progressively, it’s getting easier for real- for sure, I’m coming to embrace the opportunity! Straight up… it’s either, like, be miserable or get involved… and I’m thinking like, maybe I don’t hang with my ‘squad’ and I kinda’ branch out and practice associating with others and being open to what God can and will do… I’m actually feeling fairly enthusiastic about tonight… we’ll be leaving very soon, so, i’m gonna’ make sure iv’e got everything I need…. and see if I can set a timer on this oven for myh dinner. (These itty bitty steaks.) Thank You Jesus for a prime life and opportunity, and courage to mingle.


Home from the ‘group’… sincerely put best foot forward and I am not disappointed by the results, at all… that’s the extremely short version… definitely need to be laying it down… zzz..

Thank You Lord for courage, for helping me capture my thoughts… and making this ‘onion’ thing in the socks, overnight, really help against the itchy foot…

Thank You Lord and if not thank You for feet to wake up to, that are not impaired in any way. Love You Lord… thank You for Your awesome power.

August 31, 2017


My brother sits before me, strumming the guitar to some ole’ Creed song… we’re kicking it in the kitchen over some Klondike Bar/coffees… (my own invention! hehehe!) Today was a wet day (rain) but the job we set out to do (install doors) was accomplished (for the most part 🙂 )

Thank You Father for Your goodness to us… we’ve made it home safe and will be doing the Wal-Mart thing soon…

Funny, how I’ve made the subtle transition to ‘Wally World’ regular, from Wal-Mart will undoubtedly be base or is base for Martial Law preparations in America… <head-shaking>. I’m no longer bent on whether they are or not… but rather bent on the relationship between the Father and I…

Thank You Jesus for Your love in dying for us… and caring for us… and equipping us for impending persecutions and miscellaneous tribulations… Lord… help me stand with joy in my heart and praise on my lips even in the fires.

August 30, 2017


So, uhhh… was kinda’ spinning circles in the house…walked upstairs…downstairs…upstairs…downstairs…feeling great! but just kinda’ walking around…picking things up…then putting them down… I’ve got just a few moments before rides pulling up to the house…and the newest addition to the house (member) and myself will shuffle out the door…to go to church. Sitting now at the kitchen table- occasionally glancing out the window to see my car parked out in the parking lot while “Don’ Hemi” (youngest bro) text me pictures of his nose that was recently operated on… stitched up and everything!! Not bragging, but brother has been through the Dawg-On ringer…

God, when it comes to renewal, You get the ‘TEN’ , hands down… cause’ I feel like I’ve lived at least, I repeat, at least five lives… and this one, by far, exceeds each of them. You’ve not only revived and renewed me but You’ve substantially increased my desire to have life and be content through and during any and all circumstances… perilous times will come, I’m sure… but we will endure, Lord… without doubt, without fear… You are Our God… Almighty.

August 20, 2017


Almost let today get away… (writing)

March 30, 2016  .. I began keeping a journal… not because I had to, not because it was cool, not because it was the right thing to do, but because there was a small pull in my heart to do so.. by any and every way possible, I gathered one motivation after another, to continue… if not for any other reason than because I was told to (internally).

Every day, logged, was not easy or convenient, but it took each of those days to get me to this entry, today. Writing and my committal to do so daily has certainly had an impact on those around me… and, though, I may never know the extent of ‘that’ impact… it is all good because the experience, thus far, has been invaluable… with the first entry.. August 20, 2017 had certainly not been thought of…and, yet, here we are, and here I am…

Thank You Lord, for helping me to set aside any/all weights that would beset me… thank You for helping me to rid myself of the skewed imaginings of my heart, that are self-seeking… and instilling in me a desire (renewed) to pursue you fervently. Your will be done, Lord. You are good to us Lord, Amen. Thank You for mercy and grace.


August 8, 2017


Yo, Praise God!! I’m all the way ‘up’ right now! Straight up! off the Spirit and life and blessings and God’s goodness… not bout’ to feel down— Let the whole church say, AMEN! God got me by the hand! Forward march! I’ma’ put my hands in the air, devil… I’ma clap my hands, devil! All for God’s glory! Father increase!!! May I be decreased… may the people see You! Who am I! For real! Who am I? To hold back my testimony? He brought me through every altercation, every episode of violence, any harm I’ve caused myself. You delivered me from every cloud of confusion, and every wind of unsound doctrine.

Lord, thank You for this vision, fueling the drive, lifting my head, pushing me, stretching me, pulling me for deliverance…For Your armies, here and coming, for the ‘body’ all parts, that are near and far.. how it’s all done, Lord? It could not be done… not without You, not without Your faithfulness… cause’ I was dead and gone Lord… You know all that I’ve neglected, all that’s never been told, and You died for us in spite of it all… Your kingdom come.

Jesus, the best is yet to come… I’m for real and for sure…I believe and agree.