April 27, 2017


Is what God says ‘good enough’???

Truly it is…but it wasn’t, this morning, in my little brain because though He did what He said He would do… I  had a very hard time waiting for some kind of justice to be dispensed, after noting this in my heart I began seeking peace… within… that I could have a merciful heart regarding the individual involved.


The afternoon was a little bit of a *brain cramp*… interpersonal b.s. … I have to, not, personalize the crap, but I don’t want to be callous either… God, thank You for grace… I need it… thank You for Your resolutions… thank You for helping me not to return to the vomit of violence. Your grace is sufficient… and to have come this far to implode due to rash decision-making… I’m sure the enemy would love that… Nah… Quitting is not in my design… nor in the handbook (Bible)… and I don’t care what anyone says, this stuff I’m facing, regarding *anything* in this house… is minuscule in comparison to much of the travesty being experienced *RIGHT NOW*… Who wants to contribute to the chaos??? I shall stand on the Rock of my Salvation. Christ is King!!! Yesterday – Today- and Forever!

April 22, 2017


     Well, I messed up a lil’bit… days been extremely laid-back-peaceful-and all that… one of the guys in the house (one of our newest interns) told me he was going to be leaving out with one of his mentors…cool…he did… but he didn’t have a pass signed by the director, to go… He assured me the director had his pass and that he’d approved of the pass… when I hit the director up about whether or not I am to drug test the man and breathalyze him, he text,”where is he?” I received a call immediately after. He tells me the guy’s pass was for the 30th… which is super great, except today is the 22nd… So, as it stands right now I’m waiting on this guy to get back and I’m to test him and have him call *Name here*… (the director) So I’m bearing the weight of my carelessness in not having called *name here* (director) before the guy left… I’m not angry,  but I do feel like I let the director down.

     Outside of this incident, today was a good day… This is all part of the learning process, and I’m appreciating it as such… Thank You Jesus for grace in this situation and helping me to keep my mind open and to be subject to the governing authorities you’ve placed in my life.

April 21, 2017


     Tonight, it is I and the newest additions to the house… we are watching movies, eating burritos…Taking in the sights and sounds of the resources God has afforded us. This ain’t about us… Christ died, that we would be saved, at the instruction of the Father… the message doesn’t change… I owe You everything Father.


     Grace, mercy, hope, endure, joy, faith everlasting… Have mercy on us Father… keep us Father… we get distracted… I get distracted… but You love us Lord… I would not that I should be so easily deceived… mistakes are part of the journey Father, but thank You for keeping and guarding me from willful sin… I hate it, Lord.

     Remind me, in my stumbling, of my first love… drawing me out of disaster and destruction that I may keep the faith. Thank You Lord for covering my family, my brothers that live here, and leading me in life from vanity, the pride of life slothfulness…etc… helping me to abstain from all appearance of evil.

April 17, 2017


     Today has been a blessing… and I won’t say I do not have the direction, Father… You’ve given me one of the most basic instructions regarding some of my relationships… and yet, I’ve been having the strangest amount of difficulty with the simplest of requests/directives… and I can see how I ‘cannot see’ very far out ahead of where I am. My visibility is low, low, low… and I’ve got a decision to make everyday… am I going to go for what ‘I’ve known’? and look to the ‘old man’ for salvation (old behaviors), or will I hold on to the robe of my Master, the hand of my Father, the fellowship of a friend; closer than a brother???

     Thank You Father for making this thing known to me… I accept and trust what is happening in my life and the transition that is taking place… thank You for preparing my heart and helping me to remain driven after You, Father thank You for every bit of desire You have placed in my heart.

April 15, 2017


     Not going to sit down right now and talk about how my whole day has been about Jesus… Lord knows I’ve been on every mental excursion I could possibly be on, today… but in my heart, my mind, and soul I’ve noticed the ache in my heart that recognizes how infinitely short we fall in relation to Your worthiness, Father… Jesus You are wholly aware of each of my imperfections… You know the depth of wickedness that hides in our hearts and yet You love me in spite of all of it… You DIED to redeem us from death… You command every part of that wickedness to be used in a way that I grow, that nothing is overlooked or for waste…NO part of this earth or our hearts/souls was made as waste… Father You are perfect in Your wisdom and majesty… for tomorrow, which is officially the day we recognize as Your resurrection, the day some call easter, I pray that a new thing is done in our hearts, that many souls would be drawn to You, that the body of believers (especially myself) can set aside all distraction and devote myself to You, You are welcome Father… Thank You for teaching and helping me to worship in Spirit and truth…

April 11, 2017


     At the computer… off of work… following a phone call I’ve received from a very proactive lady, she’s a life coach and career counselor… I was given an opportunity to share with her my journey in reaching Greenville. It was an incredible blessing.


     My brothers and I are kinda’ floating around the house, now… various things… got sidetracked watching a video… I’m letting videos play, right now, on the infamous ‘Youtube’… Searching -*street ministry*- content- watching others minister to those on the street… it’s interesting, and what’s more interesting is that only today have I thought to do so… we will be going to a baseball game shortly… the ‘ball game’ is at 7pm. We’re supposed to be competing in a ‘tug of war’ at the game…. so, I’m kinda’ excited!

     Lord, thank you for your many blessings… Lord, I’m content with today, I have joy, peace, and feelings of fulfillment… and if i’m permitted to continue, Lord, (in this life), I’m incredibly excited for the future. Thank you Jesus.

April 10, 2017


     I’ve been blessed to receive the ‘RA’ (residential adviser) position in the house…Prepp’in some burgers, right now… ready to go sit down… from 4pm until 8:30pm. I’ve been moving my room from upstairs to downstairs… I’m somewhat tired now.


     Got the burgers out of the way and I’m just *wore out*… watching this guy named Tucker Carlson (Fox News)… I imagine there’s many people that hate this guy… My housemate has just informed me that ‘Tuck’ is not a Christian… and the guy is discussing the decline off ‘Euro-Christianity.’ … and the ‘rise of Islam’…… Movies… I watch movies…but I don’t do to much t.v. outside of ‘peaking’ at what my bros. are watching… I mean, staying informed is one thing, but I certainly understand the abuse and damage that can be incurred due to careless t.v. watching. The day has been great, but also long… I was given two opportunities to share testimony… it truly is a blessing to be used by the Father… He has sustained me and I’m sooo grateful for that because I was called upon this morning, I was ‘locked-in’ and prompt in my response to the request to share and that is the liberty of God.