August 14, 2017


My housemates and I are sitting in our classroom at Tech., oddly enough our teacher has not arrived… we’ve been in classroom for an hour plus, working in our class book…

Strangest thing happened to us when we entered the building… while we were walking down the hall we could see our class light was ‘out’ (turned off)… so we stated audibly, how the teacher may not be here yet… as we’re coming down the hall, the light comes on in the room… after we begin to think maybe our teacher was sitting in the class… (weird) we find out he is not there…. so the light came on, on it ‘s own… so, we come into the class and there’s a note on the board that says he had an emergency and we need to pray for (individual’s name here). We don’t know if he’s an employee or family, but we definitely prayed and then sat down to work in our books.

Lord, bless  ‘teacher’s name here’ and help him, give him the peace and strength he needs in this situation… Also, Lord, thank You for grace and mercy over ‘individual’s name here’… whatever, this is, is not good, and we’ve all been caught by surprise…but, it didn’t catch You by surprise, Father… sustain him in this, and restore/mend the broken things… thank You Lord… for the care You take in sustaining us… May Your name be magnified, and Your will be done.


July 28, 2017


Speak to this heart, Father. Illuminate my life with the understanding of the scriptures… of Your love for Your children. Thank You for the opportunities we have to share that love with others. We don’t have to be ashamed. Thank You for liberating Your children from darkness and sin. If we fall, You help us to get back up. Thank You for the quiet moments we have to spend alone with You. Thank You for helping me get home today, safe.

There’s so much going on in the world, but thank You Lord for supplying the needs of Your children.

Brother, keep reaching out– continue to seek God’s face– seek Him and He will reveal Himself to you, and He will deliver you into a life anew. You will be as an entirely new person. A person who lives contrary to all that we have known, said, or done. Everything we have believed about ourselves will be dispelled, that does not glorify God.

Thank You Jesus, for good health, and the ability, and time to praise You. You alone are God, and know all things. Your will be done Father… thank You for making all this possible.

January 10, 2017


     Praise God for another day to experience His goodness… no ‘smoke and mirrors’, here… amid the many things I pondered this afternoon, was the imagery of a dark colored truck with a grill hitched… that pulled up in the neighborhood with speakers ‘built for crazy sound’ with ‘mad, (a lot), food’…ex. steak,chops’, and such… all served up with a Pastor or minister/speaker/ambassador who serves the Word to the people on ‘real-talk’ level, accompanied by a few artist who ‘Love the Lord’ and do a show; and none of it… none of it… none of it for profit… ‘give it away… give it away… give it away… I mean, sincerely, I tramped up and down the East Coast multiple-multiple neighborhoods… alone… (w/God’s covering… of course)… and I saw the need… the need of hope… for love… for joy… for peace… it’s insane… sometimes I wonder… better yet, I thank God for removing the desire for any of those things that are going to hinder me from ‘work’ toward advancing the kingdom. Sure, someone, some team, somewhere is doing their thing, and helping their community… a difference… walking their talk… talking His(Christ) walk and therefore walking His(Christ) talk… there aren’t ‘Lone Wolf’ Christians, though the enemy would have us feel that way… ‘forget a feeling’ in that aspect… I’m not ready yet…not for ‘the calling’, but everyday is a process of refining… NO Doubt!!

Continued 9:35PM

     Thank you Father for being so good to me–>> helping me not to despise others, but to be blind to the appeal of this world… outside of the delight we (believers) have in the knowledge of You and our charge to carry Your message to all–wherever we go.

     John 12:24–Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

Glorify thy name Father… that when the hour is here I may be fully equipped.