April 26, 2017


     Good grief…  prolly shouldn’t have crammed them dogs (hotdogs) down, right before service… The bros are watching First 48… that’s some pretty morbid stuff.. leaving soon… tonight is the last night of ‘revival’.

     *Bethlehem (House of Bread?)  ; maybe I’ve heard this before, I think, but I was reminded recently by my mentor.

     Church will begin shortly… we have about twenty mins… messed up *for real…with them hot dogs… during the day, snuck a few minutes in with the director to seek out how he may be able to assist me with the handling of my interactions with another individual… we deducted that I do care how others perceive me and that I can allow any misconceptions of my motives or attributes to deter my productivity (with respect to relationship and communication.), and that’s not acceptable in regard to leadership… so there’s a recurring thing happening…( e.g. holding beach ball under water..)… we will get through this… I’m decided without a doubt, this will be ‘reeled-in’… and it will be ‘public-knowledge’ where I stand on the matter… there is NO matter… I am the ‘matter’ that will constantly and consistently resort to the use of the resources, faculties that have been made available to me… Not resorting to any outward displays of frustration toward my co-workers… I will develop the discipline it takes (with the help of the Holy Spirit) to seek counsel whenever necessary, at the appointed times, or appropriate times.

4-26-17 Continued; 9:14pm

Fresh off the altar… out in the foyer of the church… I’m so late to get home… sposed’ to be in by 9pm… so, I’m not justified simply because I was praying, but I’m banking on all of everything coming together as it should… regardless the outcome… I’ll be taking those consequences/ rewards *in stride*… at least, I think that’s how the saying goes… even as I’m seated here in the foyer I can feel layers of darkness lifting… and a softening of the heart.