July 31, 2017


Head knock’in like there is a small interstate being built on the left side of my face. Had a ‘filling’ done today in a dentist’ ‘mobile unit’… Laying down because I’m hoping to rest and feel better… and besides, some time to myself to reflect and seek God will do me a whole lot of good, I’m sure of it.

Today, I received some great news regarding the company I’ve considered joining… our director told me, ‘it’s pretty much a done deal.’ So, I’ll just have to go through the application process, and start work… our teacher at ‘Tech’ is really trying to expedite things in class as well, so ‘should start work very very soon. (Soon as class is finished with.)

Spent a little time acknowledging all the opportunities there are to do wrong and spoke up about it, and my director explained the verse pertaining to our weakness in relation to God’s strength… I’m taking all the advice I can because truth is, I know I need Jesus to work out my days, to set my paths straight… to guide me into all truth… I NEED Jesus.

July 30, 2017


Time for ‘church’, waiting on my ride… for the past three or four weeks, I’ve been accompanied by a few of my brothers, but they’ll be visiting another church this morning, so I can not drive our organization’s vehicle this morning… (requires three men to utilize the van)….ride just pulled up.

8:40ish a.m.:

Seated now in the gymnasium (Sunday School) of the church’s campus. We will probably go to coffee shop after today’s service… I’m excited for what the Lord will do today in the service… it’s a great day for renewing. Thank You Jesus.


Holy Spirit! Thank You for renewal/regeneration, for the greater things You’re gonna do in us… I see visions, I’m acquainted with Your grace, every good thing is coming from You! Your holiness and developing me in righteousness… Never go back, Father! Bless me Lord in my speech, step, understanding, comprehension, and drive… Build me up a disciple, Father, not forsaking the ministry… Not for fun Jesus, but for Your pleasure… lead me in faith to liberate captives… help me dig past ‘face-value’… and dig that much more when life gets REAL! Guide me in this life of purpose where no action is without consequence.

July 29, 2017


Holy is Your name, Father… Thank You for grace and mercy.

Thank You for bringing ‘Jose’ Colorado’ home safe from his stint in the county jail. Brother went home (Colorado) for what was sposed’ to be a short visit and court appearance. (He was assured he’d do ‘no time’.) This was close to two or two and one half months ago… the brother made it thru with an incredible testimony… I mean, the man was spirit-filled during his stay with the Overcomers, and his patience/faith has been tested and refined (as the heart’s of the sovereign’s children often are… being purged in His love unto righteousness.) and he was delivered to the jailer’s in Colorado where he was able to be a walking, talking testament of God’s love and mercy. blessed are the feet of those who bring good news… (Isaiah 52:7)

thank You Lord for peace in our house and sanctifying Your sons for that which You’ve ordained us. Thank You Father for blessing my leaders and counselors and our positions in the kingdom- as lightbearers… for courage and boldness to be obedient in season and out of season… filling our hearts with praise and our lips with songs of worship. You are worthy Lord.. help us stand and continue to stand.

July 18, 2017


Home… we’ve pretty much been gone the better part of the day… all in all it’s been peaceful… mostly, one on one training on adding circuits to an existing breaker box… installing new outlets… some of the information was new, and some was a review, but it was all good to cover… I’m excited for the career I’ll be starting as an electrician.. that in actuality has already begun.. I’m taking every step necessary to become an electrician, and it’s certainly my reality… in spite of every crippling event that could be used to deter me from trying to do anything legit with my life… PWID, escape, 2nd degree burglary, multiple misdemeanors… literally too many to name, multiple assaults, etc… all kinds of obstacles… the Lord sought me out and restored my life from the corner of depravity it’d become and restored a hope in me… an expectation of great things to come… I drove myself, by all means, deep into a sea of anguish, desperation, and hell… that left me naked, numb, and empty; void of substance… all that was left was the hope of something more… That little hope has been added to and multiplied significantly

Thank You Lord for every promise, each of Your blessings, all of Your will, deliverance and salvation, redemption and restoration.

July 17, 2017


Well!!! I timed that one wrong! 😦    🙂 …. drank my pre-workout mix 30 mins. earlier than I should have… thought it’d take me longer to drink… needless to say… there is certainly, no way I’m gonna be able to do anymore resting… I’m bout’ to jump out my skin. Bout’ to read Oswald, throw gym clothes on, and go set the Flag up  (American Flag), in front yard… #gideonhouse… (American Flag extending from the end of shovel, marks where an F3 group is taking place…) (We will be getting together at 5:30am)



Lauryn Hill–> Final Hour

Covenant Worship–> Can’t Stop Singing

Reconcile–> Can’t take this from me

Lotto –> Jeremiah Givens feat. Cousin Neighbor

You Can Save Me –> Beautiful Eulogy

AHA Gazelle –>TwentylemmenHundridmillion


The day has been forever long, but in the best way. After workout this morning, laid down a lil’ while longer, got up at 8am, showered, ran van to a place called ‘Roll and Wrap’ where the van is getting a new look. Came in home with my bro who drove the vehicle I followed to the ‘vinyl-wrap’ establishment. Once home, upon finishing a few lil’ things around the house, ate a ‘hearty’ meal, went to class upon making a quick run over to our properties (that we are currently building) to store a shipment of siding inside of the houses, otherwise the stuff could end up missing… after class we came home and relaxed… took naps, ate, got up and downloaded multiple motivational/drive mp3’s and sermons from multiple powerhouse speakers… looking to wake up tomorrow and face it without fear, but openminded-ness to what Your plans are for tomorrow. Thank You for liberty, Lord.


July 14, 2017


Four flags on the play! Hungry. Angry. Lonely. and Tired… it’s a lot of the same old everyday occurrence of ‘headbuttin’… something isn’t adding up in my spirit, for real, cause’ it seems like I continue to bite on the bullcrap lies the enemy throws at me through my past, and my ideas, coupled with my surroundings… this time it’s the lie that I’m not good enough… and I’m not, in the sense of being perfect; and, in the sense that I’ve got so much to work on… so, why the hell do I get so angry when my instructors try to share their view of how I’m also– worse than I think. I mean, that’s how the hell I take it..(receive what they’re saying). It’s like dodging dang raindrops… maybe it’s because of this type of dodging and adjusting myself that has fueled the frustrations… it’s ridiculous, YO!.. I’m not blaming the men, cause’ it’s obvious.. there’s nothing wrong with his view of how things are… but there’s definitely something wrong with how I view the ‘life’ he is attempting to speak into me… I don’t don’t don’t agree with all of his view of how people are supposed to do things in the workplace, at home, etc… but this journey hasn’t been a game for me and I’d prefer not to discuss anything with him, if the whole discussion is going to threaten my existence/reality where I am… People want me to graduate, I want to graduate, but like I said, before, it’s been, solely the grace of God that I’m still here, today… in life, and living where I am…

Jesus, thank You, I’m like stupid frustrated right now, and extremely bruised of heart… giving up is no option, but Jesus if my eyes have been blurred to something that is hindering me from responding to these incidents the proper way, Lord, please help me to see clear…

You didn’t bring me this far to miss the boat… I will be calm, Father… thank You for rest and helping me to stand. Your will, Father… not my own.

July 7, 2017


Good afternoon Lord… thank You for the day… Thank You for helping me make conscious and purpose-driven decisions today. It was humid and tempers were certainly tried, along with patience, but everyone come out of the heat unscathed.


The afternoon has been real relaxed. We did a devotion this afternoon discussing knowing our identities in Christ, trusting in God… and not combatting our fears by lashing out at people who trigger the fears… Received birthday cards from my grandparents. I haven’t been able to spend much time with them over the past few years; a few, being 15 or so years… stuff had been such a wreck in my life… and even when it wasn’t a ‘wreck’, per say, everything had to be absolutely perfect for me to come ‘home’— (to visit the family)… the need to get home seemed so heavy… as if that’d (making it back ‘home’ having achieved some kind of success) absolve me and all the time I’d spent away, but, no… I found out that home is where your heart is… and as long as I know Christ as my Lord and Savior… where I am is where I’m called to be… and when it’s time for me to be elsewhere, every provision will be made for me to be there.