September 18, 2017

First of many firsts…first day of new career.

True to the nature of “blog”. Today is the first day of new job. Sitting in parking lot (employee)… patiently waiting for contact to arrive. Spoke with two crews before he got here just to be sure I didn’t miss him. Telling myself to relax. I don’t feel unrelaxed, I just have general sense of reminding myself that this is all ordained of God. Contact arrived and he asked me to sit tight and pretty much wait in my car while he does paperwork and then we will be leaving and I can follow him to jobsite which is heading toward Columbia. I’m extremely grateful for having fought the urge to be cheap last night and putting money in the gas tank.

Lord, thank You for wisdom and understanding today and grace… and mercy. Your will, Father, and souls… Your will and souls.


Holy Spirit! I don’t want to leave anything to chance… “Yes…” I’ve gotten everything ready so I can walk out the door (in the morning) I’ve also proven to myself that with Your help I was able to launch myself into action this morning and go to work… even with it being so early… there was something to waking up and being alone with You this morning and time and time again I’ve given up that opportunity to spend my waking hours with You… but seeing what is ahead of me and where I will be, Father, I need You more than ever!

without You, there is no hope, no chance, no shot… I recognize and agree that- it may be one da7y, one week, one year- but I will utterly lose everything were it not for You… Your guidance- thank You for a heart to keep the faith- thank You for fortifying my faith… thank You for strengthening my hands and knees… to do and say what You would have me do and say… sanctify me as Your vessel. Direct me and launch me… lead me… may my heart not resist the truth. You’ve made my way prosperous, Father, and would I now forsake the truth? and uphold waywardness, unruliness… rebellion? God forbid that I be ignorant of the enemy’s schemes… empower my existence to the profiting of the forthcoming Kingdom, in Jesus’ name.


September 3, 2017


Okay, ‘you caught me’… I’m sitting in the new Crown Vic’ aka ‘the Cloud’, and fitfully so… while writing this entry… The mentor who seen fit to don me with this vehicle is a generation and 3/4 my senior… (though he drives considerably faster than I do. Ha!) so in many ways he’s the best kinda’ old school… for real for sure, You can’t beat Old School values with a bat… the way he’s taken care of the car, certainly reminds me of my own grandfather (Opa)…

So, yea’, I’m sitting in the car– ‘cak’in’ on a Sunday… a/c is cooling the interior down, (I’m sitting here sweating, looking crazy, maybe, but I’m blessed, highly favored, and excited bout’ my ride… pshhh… I’m sitting on a cloud 😛 )

Thank You, Jesus, no joke no joke… and yea; I might be sitting in the ‘whip’ but don’t get it ravelled… my solace is in the Lord… Father… I mess up and say things I shouldn’t, I think things that are inappropriate… and pretty ghastly to say the least… thank You for deliverance… and the reality that… yea, I may be sitting in the sun in ‘my’ car… but yea’- may the car be sanctified, consecrated to Your work, and the fact that this devotional, and Bible are sitting right beside me never change.

Thank You for Your forgiveness, and sending the man to me, today, who shared with me a good report of that which he’s observed of me (as a young single man)… that inspires a rekindling in his own ministry…

Thank You Lord for Your kindling.

Real Time: 12:29pm…Need of Prayer

Please pray for the family of all those with family members stuck in the midst of addiction.

Just got word a brother and friend of mine who has been doing exemplary work in the field of disciple-ing men and “walking out” the faith was found dead this morning, (drug-related), after going out of town to visit his family.

This man had hopes, dreams, and a very bright future ahead of him.

He was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.

For whatever reason, last night he made a fatal decision that cost him his life.

For all those struggling in addiction. You don’t have to live life alone. There is help and your life does have worth; more care for you than you know.

August 27, 2017


It’ll be louder in here, momentarily… my bros. will be home, fresh out of the church they visited tonight… I’ve just gotten home from the ‘OC:… the chapel was pretty much -full-… there was about 30 men there, and these 30 men are in their first 30 days of their program at the ‘OC’, and many of them took their first steps toward living lives devoted to Christ. Just to be present and see these things taking place, meeting new people, seeing the gratitude… it’s all a blessing in itself… seeing God working on the hearts of these men replenishes and refreshes my spirit…

There’s so much going to happen and so soon that I can hardly believe it. In time, I truly believe my life is going to take on a very different likeness than one I have ever anticipated…

Man… God is good. I had about a lb. of beef potted up, but realized I had no tomato sauce… I was ‘messed up’… Ha! After the thought dawned on me to check other cabinets around the house… I found some tomato sauce! I was so excited, so yea, we’re doing the spaghetti thing tonight! Yesss!!!

Thank You father for nourishment and life abundant and healthy relationships.

August 26, 2017


Good morning Jesus!.. Today is Saturday and the weather is absolutely fantastic… Fall is slowly but surely setting in and as old as I am (28), I can’t help but detect the nostalgia that is associated with the ‘state fair’ of my youth, fall festivals, and concerts (that I never attended, but always wanted to go to.) :), My past is undeniable, my future is uncertain, and today is unprecedented, but here nonetheless.

Lord, some days I write, for fear that I won’t (write)…some days, I write simply because You never said to stop…some days it’s simply because I have the ability to do so… If nothing more than proof of my existence and more importantly Yours… No matter what this life brings or what this world says, help me never forget Your words and promises to me… How that, ‘none of this is for no reason.’ Every cut, every bruise, chipped tooth, cracked bone, swollen lip, busted knuckle, cold night, wet night, strained muscle, broken relationship, moment of despair, of contrite wandering is for waste or mere points of reference… it is and always will be for Your glory. .. The spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; He hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. –Isaiah 61:1

Thank You Lord for every disciple/ servant that walked before us.

August 12, 2017


There is so much direction in my life, but I never waste a moment to ask myself why I do the things I do, or to consider the relationships in my life… my actions toward others.

As much as I’d like to say that I treat others equally and with an equal amount of respect… it’s become increasingly evident that no matter what I criticize myself for, at the end of the day I make the decision to do whatever I want… even as a blood bought Christian, I’ve willfully disobeyed God, and for lack of a better explanation… stared truth in the face and acted contrary to love and truth, disregarding scripture- disregarding Christ; all, while accruing a level of disdain for others who willfully do things that don’t agree with my spirit… Pshhh! what the hell kind of sickening, nasty spirit is that?! It is disgusting and I think I am more disgusted with that spirit than substance abuse (drinking, drugging, etc.) This pharaseutical spirit coupled with the burden of ‘trying’ to live ‘saved’ is not anyway to be running this marathon (life)…

Father, help me get small, ‘sweep da’ porch’, and come home from the ‘woods’… I need You, Lord, and it’s ONLY Your grace and mercy keeping me.

August 11, 2017


New day, new life, same price that was paid for my deliverance… Everything there was to give… this is the price that was paid for freedom… knowing that every one would not receive the gift of life, and all would not forsake their chains, and many would continue to live a vicious cycle of devotion infidelity toward Him; Christ still died for us. Lord, I’ve been struggling, and I know You know and see all things… I’ve tasted and seen Your goodness… thank You for helping me to be shaken of the sticky confines of sin…

There are so many, including myself, that have searched, and are searching high and low for love… that enduring love that promises ‘I am here, I will always be here for You.’ and there are sooo many imitators, so many alternatives that we yield ourselves to; the most notorious examples: sex, relationships (ungodly, dependence upon man/woman) reliance upon money for fulfillment, drugs/substance abuse… these are all imposters… all of their ends are death… there is no restoration in them… a seamless line of highs and lows with the promise of satisfaction that they will never deliver. To believe that your mother, father, brother, sister, friend, or closest relative can sustain you and deliver you into a lasting joy and satisfaction is an unreasonable expectation and that relationship can not and will not sustain the weight of that burden… It is the weight that only true Love can bear… true LOVE comes from God… for, God is LOVE… the greatest love is that a man would give his life for his friends… Christ died for us while we were, yet sinners. This is the only love that renews and is continually faithful in a perishing world.