September 3, 2017


Okay, ‘you caught me’… I’m sitting in the new Crown Vic’ aka ‘the Cloud’, and fitfully so… while writing this entry… The mentor who seen fit to don me with this vehicle is a generation and 3/4 my senior… (though he drives considerably faster than I do. Ha!) so in many ways he’s the best kinda’ old school… for real for sure, You can’t beat Old School values with a bat… the way he’s taken care of the car, certainly reminds me of my own grandfather (Opa)…

So, yea’, I’m sitting in the car– ‘cak’in’ on a Sunday… a/c is cooling the interior down, (I’m sitting here sweating, looking crazy, maybe, but I’m blessed, highly favored, and excited bout’ my ride… pshhh… I’m sitting on a cloud ūüėõ )

Thank You, Jesus, no joke no joke… and yea; I might be sitting in the ‘whip’ but don’t get it ravelled… my solace is in the Lord… Father… I mess up and say things I shouldn’t, I think things that are inappropriate… and pretty ghastly to say the least… thank You for deliverance… and the reality that… yea, I may be sitting in the sun in ‘my’ car… but yea’- may the car be sanctified, consecrated to Your work, and the fact that this devotional, and Bible are sitting right beside me never change.

Thank You for Your forgiveness, and sending the man to me, today, who shared with me a good report of that which he’s observed of me (as a young single man)… that inspires a rekindling in his own ministry…

Thank You Lord for Your kindling.


July 26, 2017


Brother, I want to help you. You see, God, He’s been so good to me. If you could see me today, you’d understand that I’ve been delivered… that, I’m all the way o.k… when I tell people, today, what was and who i used to be, they don’t believe it… but, believe me brother, as I am standing, as I am breathing… I tell you, there is indeed The God; not just a god… He is THE GOD!!! The creator of all things… and He does, does, does, love you dearly… He loves us… and yea, we’ve all got stories (so the common cliche’ goes) and I’ve not been there for your highlights or the lowest moments… but, I assure you that an ever-loving, ever-sovereign, ever-patient God was… Waiting for the ever-fated moment you’d ‘turn’ in your heart of hearts, from whatever design you’ve created for yourself, and seek that purpose for which you’ve been created.

God has life stored up for you unlike that you’ve ever-known… and I’m not selling anything my brothers (sisters)… this is no mere dream, or positive idea I’ve conjured up… Our Father who is in heaven sent His son to earth to die for you and I, that we may have life… not the temporal life which perishes, decays, and corrupts… but that eternal life with eternal riches of priceless value… rest and peace, clarity, fellowship, and oneness with the glory of God. We shall be like Him at His appearing. Amen. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus.

July 23, 2017


The sun is high, there’s plenty clouds scattered across the sky.. but no competition for the skies vastness… the occasional shade is cast, but it is extremely nice… and everyone is getting a little tan…

One of our guys made decision, a few weeks back, to get baptized. Today, was the big day… after church we all (guys from house) joined his family at his parent’s house to have lunch. When lunch was over we sat n’ chat for a bit on each of our successes/testimonies and how good God has been to us. After getting full and meeting bros siblings, we determined ourselves to hit the neighborhood pool…, there are a few kids, but the pool is far from overcrowded. Everyone is actually having a good time…I’ve been in pool a few times, but -broke out- to have a read in my assigned book (The Utter Relief of Holiness), I’ve been a lil’ bit behind, then I settled upon writing… the rest of the night should be more than laxed’… I think we will all be here till’ close to 5/6pm. In which case we will not be going to OC tonight… I aim to promote much renewal for myself as possible before jumping back into this week. Thank You Lord for liberty and time to get renewed… thank You for strengthening our hands..

July 21, 2017


Off of work for the day… I’d have typically changed clothes by now, but I’ve decided to intentionally float a lil’ bit… I’m a lil’ bit of a ‘control freak’, sometimes… even setting aside time for daily entries… there are a handful of things that I appreciate the completion of, daily. Every once in a while, I’ll run into someone who is understanding of this kind of thinking… the activities are all part of a means of semi-accountability… were the deeds not accomplished I’d definitely be forced to do some kind of personal inventory.


The night has summed itself up well… we decided on tacos… threw in the money, made the journey to Wal-mart, ate, and are now winding down… I’ve made my way to room… thinking of the innumerable opportunities I’ve had in life, and how blessed I am to be here today… thinking about the siding we will be hanging tomorrow, our house is a little behind (progress-wise), the other house we are building next to it. (There are two homes being built…) God has been so good to us, and there is not one moment He doesn’t deserve our praise… God, if You can change my heart… and give me new life, then You can touch my brothers, if You can touch my brothers, You can touch my family, if You can touch my family and my house, You can touch the community… All this You have done… help me not to depart from that Love which is You, which is true.

June 25, 2017

Church of One

Hallelujah! Praise God!

I will lift my hands high,

I will clap like lightning,

I will stomp like thunder–

and rejoice like the rain

that has been long awaited-

without shame and without distraction

unlimited and steady

in my uneasy discoverings of Your righteousness

and glories…

For You came to save the sinner-

the heartbroken-

the needy…

Not the perfect

not the rich

or those given to philosophies

or false ideologies…

The message is for all

but all will not receive it.

This is no secret…

but if you’ve spent long nights in the desolate places

if you are not accepted-

if you have done the untold horrors-

if you have thoughts that you are afraid to share with anyone…

if you can’t stop…

if you’re dying by your own hands-

if you are bring death to your community or perpetuating the same

if you want to care but think it’s harder than not

if you are ‘ever-wanting’ and cannot cease wandering

if you are driven of passions that are inconclusive

but feel better than nothing at all…

if you are drowning in a tangible quilt of darkness and are breathing through a straw-

if you are waiting for the next set of evils to befall you…

If you have no feeling at all and have made it a truth in your mind that your situation is impossible and there is no place to pick up from, and everything is ruined…


is that

there is restoration

there is a Rock to stand on

there is hope

there is a cup of plenty

a rich thereafter

there is deliverance

there is a better life

a better way

there is strength for feeble bones

there is meat for the hungry soul that shall never perish

there is that drink that quenches the eternal longings of those lost in a thick wood…

there is direction for the wayward—

light in the midst of the torrential wind.





March 1, 2017


¬† ¬† ¬†In early from church–>> we lost all electricity there due to a thunderstorm, and we were released early. Made it home safe… now, I’m ‘hole’d’ up in the ‘den’ listening to some throwbacks– BeBe/CeCe/The Winans/ Yolanda Adams… and a variety of other songs that I am remembering- with the help of my aunt and momma-

I need this ‘right here’ (listening to ‘A Friend'”, this is gooood stuff… something that’s ‘for real’, ya’know?!

¬† ¬† ¬†Today was good… we(housemates and self) received a type of evaluation today on our work ethic and our leadership qualities, etc. The instructors encouraged me a great deal… but they made it clear– and it came at no surprise to me– consensus– I have to continue working on my temperance and self-control… I have come very far… trust me… but as I’ve stated before… I can get real tight-real fast… and that’s certainly nothing I’m ¬†proud of… so, I know what I have to work on, and we (house) are all aware of each other’s hang-ups–>>(to some degree or another.

¬† ¬† ¬†Bout’ to take it to the kitchen and grab some dinner; come back to the den- relax and listen to some of these ‘goldies’.

¬† ¬† ¬†Thank You Father for quickening your children… for life and liberty.

December 27, 2016


¬† ¬† ¬†Talked to a friend concerning a friend and that friend helped me see clear as I should. We are all doing greater this year than we were on last year… one of these friends was literally gon’ be on their deathbed had it not been for God’s intervention and the doctor’s who performed the individual’s surgery. With the New Year approaching, a mere 5 days from now… I acknowledge, this year has been one of exponential growth. As the old cliche’ exclaims, ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.’ God’s covering saw Us (believers) through this year and for those who are unbelievers, He saw them through too… that they would also come to repentance and heed the gospel of His Son. Jesus you put this roof up and over, you put in my heart to be grateful, you showed me mercy that I would be merciful, this year has truly been a memorable one, also, it is the first I have spent to grow closer to you. Jesus thank you for revealing yourself to me in the Word and in life… this year truly has been a ‘First of many Firsts.’