September 2, 2017


The idea behind the act of writing is not one of complexity… but the expression of the hope I have, and not a hope that is lacking… my written word is testament and proof of the Word that was given to all men and women that they also may have this hope. Hope in the return of the King… who asks of them nothing, but that they would believe on His name; the name of His Son.

Everyday is not a ‘good day’ but the day was indeed made good… and everyday we experience… with breathe in our lungs, is indeed a ‘new’ day that we have an opportunity to cultivate, introduce, and meet with our Creator on a personal- level.

God cares for us as individuals… and, yes, I’m borrowing this quote, but God wants our fellowship and relationship so much… He wants us to be part of His family so much that He sent His son to die for us. I used to think God was a punisher… that He was responsible for telling us the do’s and don’ts… amid other distorted trains of thought, but God wants to love us all on an intimate level… answering the ‘phone’ has been the best decision to ignore You today, but spend time with You.


September 1, 2017


Your lil’ brother got a job today-

that will one day lead to a career-

long days, long nights-

spent pouring out tears-

no matter the destination

just desperate to get away from here-

here, being that place of solitude and isolation-

finding warmth in the lies that he’s in control…

he’s not in control

he’s suffocating his soul

choking out his livelihood-

cut off from the life source…

from the day he chose his own course and refused the lit torch-

showing him which way to go-

humbling his wayward soul… distracted by the usual-

why not be reborn ‘unusual’.

Cost you, like, nothing to what it cost Our Father everything…

dabble not in the darkness, concerned with the lesser things…

our affections on the heavenly…

Jesus pave the way for me…

do for them- what you’ve done for me

laboring toward eternity.

August 29, 2017


Competition? Lord… I’m running… as if I was competing… and, yes, I make mistakes… I grab a weight, here and there, that I don’t even realize I’m carrying… but, Lord as ‘my trainer’ and coach and mentor and brother and friend… You are doing this amazing thing… Help me ‘cling’, Lord, to Your hand, Your garment, all of You.


Thank You Father for keeping us this far.. Thank You for our fellowship (in the house)… so many are suffering Father… not in addiction only… but all over, people are suffering from various circumstances… thank You for using us, Lord… helping us remain useable and helping us see things the way You see them, Jesus… thank YOu for the work YOu are doing in the hearts of my family, friends, and enemies… may my heart’s prayer be that none should perish.

August 27, 2017


It’ll be louder in here, momentarily… my bros. will be home, fresh out of the church they visited tonight… I’ve just gotten home from the ‘OC:… the chapel was pretty much -full-… there was about 30 men there, and these 30 men are in their first 30 days of their program at the ‘OC’, and many of them took their first steps toward living lives devoted to Christ. Just to be present and see these things taking place, meeting new people, seeing the gratitude… it’s all a blessing in itself… seeing God working on the hearts of these men replenishes and refreshes my spirit…

There’s so much going to happen and so soon that I can hardly believe it. In time, I truly believe my life is going to take on a very different likeness than one I have ever anticipated…

Man… God is good. I had about a lb. of beef potted up, but realized I had no tomato sauce… I was ‘messed up’… Ha! After the thought dawned on me to check other cabinets around the house… I found some tomato sauce! I was so excited, so yea, we’re doing the spaghetti thing tonight! Yesss!!!

Thank You father for nourishment and life abundant and healthy relationships.

August 25, 2017


August 2017 has had it’s space in history, and it is surely coming to an end. This month has been a good one… especially with the excitement of the eclipse and getting closer to beginning my career…

Typical Friday, good Friday, bright Friday!!! ‘Cleaning up the house’ Friday… bout’ to go to class- Friday… During class we will probably work on circuit boards… (makeshift boards where we configure circuits and rearrange them, etc.) We got a new guy in today, which is awesome, cause we’ve been meeting him, and working with him, on and off, for a few weeks… he made a commitment to join the house… and we’re all pretty much excited for the guy… because we all have a decent understanding of the opportunities that come with the commitment of living here, and furthermore… serving the Lord.

August 24, 2017


From the ‘jump-stiggity-‘, I was saying it… all this ‘right here’ is not for ‘no reason’ at all… small time- short time… we (me, myself, and I) will be making a break for it… it’s coming up on the time to fly… got news yesterday that the teacher for our Tech classes is doing everything he can to wrap our classes up by September 13th, which, in turn, will get the ball-rolling on beginning my career with one of these electrical contractors… shooting for ‘Dub-Squared’ (self-created alis for company.)

So, very, very, excited that everything is about to ‘pay-off’ and this little current is about to flow into a greater one… I’m not scared- I’m not in a hurry… I am excited and dialing everything in- with the assistance of the Holy Ghost… straight-up!!! I don’t know what’s coming, but I’m more than excited bout’ it- bout’ it!!

Thank You Jesus for paying the price for this new life. Never let this fire of desire- die or subside! Let my cry be heavy, Father… and reach many… Help me follow You… and walk this thang’ out… Let Your will be done Jesus… strengthen my hands- strengthen my knees.

August 23, 2017

5:12pm (Wednesday)

Short time before a mentor of mine scoops me to go out and grab something to eat before service. There’s plenty of food here, but going out with mentor gives us time to work on some kind of relationship and provides us with time of fellowship… fellowship with other believers, I’ve come to understand, is vital to our spiritual livelihood… we are designed to function in community not isolation… (maybe, with different capacities and functions…) but to live completely apart from the ‘body’ is… means death for spiritual growth, and complacency…etc…

Ultimately, all things are at a degree of peace, that I am incredibly grateful for… One of my three brothers (biologicals…aka Bio’s) had a successful and yet trying surgery… Praise God! He is recovering now… another is working on getting registered for another school he is to enroll in. (I’m still incredibly disappointed about the decision that was made…him leaving his initial college of choice… but now is certainly no time to jump on him…) I’ma just stay on my ‘ducks’ and when he happens to glance my way… Maybe, just maybe he’ll see that maybe it’ll do him some good to pay a little bit of attention… to the hard heads that came before him… when the day comes… I just wanna be able to point him straight… and not be caught up in the world myself…

Another of my three brothers is preparing for an upcoming audition for a popular t.v. show… I’m super proud of him and my other brothers… Thank You God for what You’ve done, what You’re doing, and what You’re gonna do, Lord…

Love You in Jesus’ name, Amen.