September 17, 2017


Father God, I admit, these next few days will be intense considering the schedule change with the new career and all, but it all pales in comparison with what my friend’s family is going through. Lord, I pray I spend no time griping or complaining about anything… considering this marvelous opportunity You’ve granted me, despite my shortcomings, I know it’s because of Your Sn and His actions alone… thank You for showing me truth… instilling the perfect fear for You in my heart, that I don’t abandon the gospel.

Thank You for helping me rest and awaken to serve You first and utilize my occupation for Your good, Lord— thank You for the patience You’ve given me, and opening my eyes and ears.


August 31, 2017


My brother sits before me, strumming the guitar to some ole’ Creed song… we’re kicking it in the kitchen over some Klondike Bar/coffees… (my own invention! hehehe!) Today was a wet day (rain) but the job we set out to do (install doors) was accomplished (for the most part 🙂 )

Thank You Father for Your goodness to us… we’ve made it home safe and will be doing the Wal-Mart thing soon…

Funny, how I’ve made the subtle transition to ‘Wally World’ regular, from Wal-Mart will undoubtedly be base or is base for Martial Law preparations in America… <head-shaking>. I’m no longer bent on whether they are or not… but rather bent on the relationship between the Father and I…

Thank You Jesus for Your love in dying for us… and caring for us… and equipping us for impending persecutions and miscellaneous tribulations… Lord… help me stand with joy in my heart and praise on my lips even in the fires.

Concerning Irma (RealTime *Now* Post)

7:42PM Today

Thank You Lord for peace and unity, here, in the Southeast regions of the United States. Thank You for sustaining us during this time of preparation. Thank You for drawing our focus to You in this time. Thank You for clarity and being with the hearts and minds of the authorities and working in them to govern our nation accordingly. Thank You for removing doubt and fear from the hearts of the citizens, and for stability in our spirits.

Thank you ALL who are reading for your prayers concerning Irma. God bless you and your families.

August 22, 2017


Post-eclipse…update…everyone can see and one is suffering any noticeable side-effects from staring at the sun… my youngest brother’s surgery was a success, and we (HOH) guys have made it home safe from work… technically, we’re not home… some of us are setting up accounts to help us in our finances… (MatchSavings Program). Definitely an awesome opportunity for anyone who can qualify.

So, out here at the credit union I’m reflecting on some of those things I’ve spent money on in the past week… and keeping it real, nah– I wasn’t the best steward I could’ve been.. for real… literally, I could do better… Kinda’ like I hit the ‘on’ switch on Saturday (for spending money) and that money just kept getting spent… but for real for sure, I’m bout’ to hit that financial hibernation… not by my own strength, but by remembering where the money came from and that the money is for much more than mere enjoyment alone. It is all God’s money. Thank You Jesus for giving us my brother, today… (mishap in the Surgery Room… Doctor’s gave him an anesthesia that he has been allergic to… <head shaking>, they had to revive him… But God gets the glory in all things. Thank You for Your graciousness toward us.

August 20, 2017


Almost let today get away… (writing)

March 30, 2016  .. I began keeping a journal… not because I had to, not because it was cool, not because it was the right thing to do, but because there was a small pull in my heart to do so.. by any and every way possible, I gathered one motivation after another, to continue… if not for any other reason than because I was told to (internally).

Every day, logged, was not easy or convenient, but it took each of those days to get me to this entry, today. Writing and my committal to do so daily has certainly had an impact on those around me… and, though, I may never know the extent of ‘that’ impact… it is all good because the experience, thus far, has been invaluable… with the first entry.. August 20, 2017 had certainly not been thought of…and, yet, here we are, and here I am…

Thank You Lord, for helping me to set aside any/all weights that would beset me… thank You for helping me to rid myself of the skewed imaginings of my heart, that are self-seeking… and instilling in me a desire (renewed) to pursue you fervently. Your will be done, Lord. You are good to us Lord, Amen. Thank You for mercy and grace.


August 3, 2017


     It’s that time again, made it through another day.. It’s been a good day. Mom and two of my brothers made a stop by the jobsite and showed us the fish they caught last night. The fish were massive… 10plus lbs., for sure. My brother (brother’s name here) birthday was today and it was good to see him… I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten him a gift or anything, but God seen fit to bless me with the ‘ends’ to share with my brother, today… that’s been a big deal for me… I want to be a brother to my brother, and I know money is not the measure of our hearts per say, but I was grateful for the opportunity.

Evaluations were also today… for the most part… so much grace has been extended to me… I mean, as skeptical and critical as I am of myself, my instructor’s constructive criticism is much less harsh than the voice of condemnation that springs up from my own flawed thinking.

Father, weigh my heart, try my ways, and remove every ill-thing, be it favored in my eyes or not.. remove it far from me.

June 29, 2017


Week is ending, day is done… got my Little Caesar’s… bro and I are kinda’ watching a show about some guys tracking wolverines… tomorrow morning we will be hitting some kind of river… where we will be kayaking… I’ve never been kayaking… and it sounds very exciting… we will all be going… a time where we can all kinda’ unwind… and stretch out a lil’bit…

Had an appointment today to speak with one of my counselors (through an outside organization); to discuss my ‘lack of chill’… That appointment was put off and yet to be rescheduled… I called and spoke with my counselor, (to reschedule) but there were some other errands that needed to be run… so hopefully, next week I can have the appointment rescheduled… and I’m belittling the crap out of the issue… I was tied up with the worst knot in my chest and stomach around 11am… it’s stress… I’m sure of it.. the ‘movie’ is starting now… but , yea- I need to seek God and yea’, I need prayer, straight up.


Yes, I most probably-definitely should have been asleep by now… Now that I’ve made it to my room, I’m calming my mind and relaxing, setting alarms, and music for the a.m… Tomorrow is going to be incredibly interesting. Thank You Lord for a good time… and leading me to the ‘Chill’, Father.