July 25, 2017

Cut the crap out of my finger, today. It was bleeding, how do you say? (Hispanic accent) Profusely. Managed to do this on a ladder while instructor was telling me not to use a utility knife, right before my ‘Tech’ teacher shows up to have us perform a demonstration of tools, how to use them safely, and any tools that may not be safe… go ‘flipp’in’ figure. Then, so, I’m try’in to sneak around and hide the blood (semi-successfully) aaand… blood is going everywhere, the whole time, the enemy saying “all your instructor cares about is you making him look bad, you know what the hell you were doing… if he wasn’t standing over you, this woulda’ never happened.” So, this thang’ right here was doing what it could to fester’ and it was working, so good… cause’ as much work as I’ve done (which is whole frigg’in lot, apparently, in comparison with many guys I’ve met.) I’ve never had a run-in with my knife like I did, today… I lost focus… and this lack of attention could literally cost me so much more if I keep it up…

God is keeping me, and that’s the truth.. the truth I know I can abide in, still yet, pressure burst pipes… I know that I know that I know my perspective has to change… cause’ much of it ,(stress), is unnecessary; (I think, or maybe not) either way, I’ve got to learn to ‘roll roll roll with it’, without drinking, without smoking, with Christ. Thank You Father for helping me trust You, daily, and helping me change this bandage. (Literally, change this bandage 🙂 )


July 1, 2017

Today is July 1st, also known as the day of Canada’s Independence… ‘shout-out’ to my Canadian friend, (aka Bill Nye/ aka Tim Allen…  🙂 !!! today, being the 150th anniversary of all things Canadian!!!

Today was a full day… upon waking we, (self and roomies), went to play ball for a couple hours… came home, got clean, went downtown… called my ‘Goddaughter’ who I’m seeking to cultivate a relationship with… spoke with my cousin (Her mama)… came home, downloaded some music, made plans to stay after church tomorrow for a function (fun, food, softball, etc.) Looking forward to that, so, I really need to be going to sleep… Past two days have been great… but having fun can be exhausting… definitely going to need to rest some tomorrow evening.

Feeling relatively peaceful, it’s been nice to get out… God is good and His children are exceedingly blessed. Speaking of children, my brother/friend and his wife, delivered a baby about 2 hrs. ago… He sent me a pic of his wife and the baby and I was speechless, like, whoa! Cause, I spoke with him earlier today, and it is insane to know that God has blessed them with a living, breathing, little person… it’s unreal to say the least… Thank You Jesus for having blessed my brother and his wife… it truly is incredible to witness what you have accomplished in their lives. Thank You Lord Jesus for the futures prepared for us all.