May 30, 2017

Vision-blurry (when looking long-distances, aging) Looking toward the LED clock of the cable box… we will be holding devotion shortly… used to be able to see stuff very well from this distance… must be getting older… 🙂 (what a blessing! 😛 )

Woke up this morning expectant of a ghost (from past) to text me… why I would desire that? Cause’ I tend to reach toward the foolish things when all around me is still and safe.. (making trouble…) The water all around me is still, so let me stand up in my ‘figurative kayak’ and rock it!!! <Rock-Rock-Rock> and what do you know…splash!!!!… I’m all Wet!!! That’s what the track record shows, but that’s not what it is today or what it’s gotta’ be… (but it gets those juices/emotions/tinglings/ ‘feel goods’, coursing through the veins).


Father God, forgive me for any lack of gratitude– thank You for refining me. Thank You for the breathe of life… thank You for the ‘re-direct’, helping me keep it real with myself, and not be ‘flaky’ toward You… help me NEVER EVER to settle… and to push with everything… where You are is where my life is hidden… help me live as such… rather than trade that for what ‘I wants and I thinks’…

Thank You for the desire You are fanning in my heart to seek You, knowing with every day, that You are moving me toward the future You’ve envisioned for me.

May 23, 2017


Home from work, we’ve gotten started on our houses pretty good… (next 2 houses that are scheduled to build) Most excitement we’ve seen in a few months… The foundations will be built sometime next week, so we’ve been making ‘headers’ and walls (framework) that will be used to construct the houses… Sitting in my room, on my floor, near my ‘crate’, where I can write comfortably… not sure why, but it’s easier to form thoughts from where I’m sitting… probably the best simulation of a desk that’s evolved in my room…

Throughout the day I noted particular thoughts that arose and immediately attributed them to my return to eating… and I’m fully aware that it’s okay to eat, of course.. but I was not starving when I awoke from not eating yesterday… I was relatively straight… and yesterday was a fast out of straight up being asked to do so by the Spirit… not to accumulate ‘treasures in heaven’ or for vain glory… I believe fasting will be an incredibly important tool and essential part of my relationship with God… the relationship He is calling me into… every time I was having ‘outta’ whack’ thoughts, today, it was as if the Holy Spirit was telling me, ‘fasting, that’s how you deal with that…’ and He’s not saying ‘Ahhh!! You must do this!!!’ It’s more like the Spirit was telling me, “If you are tired of this and you want to let this go… and this area of your life… and these kind of thoughts…. don’t feed your flesh… cut back… Rest in Me’ .. and it was comforting to know this… it’s the consistently clinging to God and doing what He ask… because much of what He calls me to (today) is not because I’m doing something that is wrong or unlawful, it’s more so, to increase and construct a better relationship with Him and thus a greater reality, and become an efficient Christian rather than a bystander in life.

May 16, 2017


How would she view me, naked? (Thoughts upon leaving shower).

I’ve got a ‘trainer’ friend (fitness) and he told me, once, “most people who come to me, want to be healthy and basically feel good about themselves without any clothes on…

I’ve NEVER really thought about that, but when I say she, I mean her (who was) when I say me, I mean me, healthy. Who does a, b, and c to keep some kind of healthy build, and today I feel very good about myself… (physically)…Spiritually I’ve got to ‘reel it in’… this is the collateral damage of having a harmless conversation with ‘her’… I’d like to think that everyone at some point in time has or will have a him/her, for those times when we ponder previous relationships… she is mine… without a doubt… but but but, you see I’m at that quote-unquote- ‘critical-critical’, make or break time in life where a young man/woman has to focus on what’s what… not on loddy doddy’s, sweet-nothings, and day dreams… can’t be trying to work out anyone else’s salvation. It hurts kinda’, but I’m responsible for that hurt.

Thank You Lord for helping me to focus on You; for helping me capture my thoughts, for delivering me from any snare… helping me to intentionally and consciously focus on You and the relationships right here in front of me that need work… I know where You are, she will be. Thank You for molding me and helping me to focus on today… and Your will for my life.


Father, You see the cloud and You know exactly what it is… I’m describing it as a cloud cause’ it literally blew in while I was ‘camped out’ at the computer… the whispers of ‘dude, where are you at???’, ‘what are you doing here?’, ‘You ain’t doing nothing’, ‘ when are you going to drop charade… you know you want to just do what you want..’

That was the straight up voice of ‘doubt’, I’m sure of it… and it wasn’t a loud-condemning thought… it was semi-comforting; the tone of it… saying, ‘you don’t have to keep ‘this’ up…’ Needless to say, I half-way shook my head, and began searching out where the thoughts may have come from, and there doesn’t have to be a ‘for sure’ origin, but after doing a mental/spiritual inventory… I perceive that I’m carnally fat… not cause I’ve just been wallowing in sin, but by muck of just everyday living… I’ve been repentant but I’ve been consistently sleeping more, eating more, and altogether; I’ve been spiritually lazy… God has been calling me out of it… but day after day I’ve devoted my time to any number of distractions… or interests that are so totally irrelevant to what I’m doing and where I am doing it. (discipleship@HOH). Get real BRO!! (to self)… We are doing this to run long-distance… not for a ‘chip’… (recovery tag/etc.).. but to carry the truth… to give God glory.. obedience is key… and God’s not going to make me do anything… awareness is important… thank You Holy Spirit for keeping me attentive… helping me to stand, and not get discouraged.

May 12, 2017


Lord… thank You for the work You are doing in my heart… break my heart for what breaks Yours… I cannot see the work being done by the surgeon (Holy Spirit) but I trust His work… thank You for helping me get real ‘small’, not to proclaim my own righteousness, but to Your glory Father.


Another week for ‘da books’… dinner’s been made, come home from work unscathed, learned a lot today pertaining to the electrical portion of training we receive ‘here’… I’m not in a hurry to leave, but I can see why the guys before me, were. (In more than one way.)


Finally sitting my butt down… ran around this afternoon… skating, bike-riding, running back-n-forth to stores… chilling out, now… doing the Friday night movie thing we usually do… My feet are actually appreciating the relief of sitting down, more than I knew they would… there were a few hurdles to jump today… I think the largest hurdle was acknowledging the current lack of capacity another individual and myself have had in putting aside our differences. Long story short –> dude got irate/agitated this time about my driving… seeing as I drive us all everywhere… NO problem, drive slower, drive safer… DONE…  I can do that. Now, would you believe that today while we were on the way back home from class, coming up to a four way (intersection) in our vehicle… NO JOKE, we were prolly 2 seconds, or half-a-second from collision; man!, we were rolling into the intersection and car blew past us from our left to our right!!! I hit brakes and turns out these people ran a stop sign… the moment was pretty intense… needless to say… I’m grateful we had the discussion about driving, and that we did not get hit by the car, and that I was receptive enough to put the stuff into practice that was discussed. Thank You Jesus for keeping us in every way.

April 5, 2017


     Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within me. Thank You Jesus. Today was a rain day and we’ve been painting our house.. so we were ‘off clock’ early… we’ve got a beautiful house… the house is over 100 years old… this is important not because, “Yea, we got it like that..” but because the Creator has provided as such. I used to proclaim that I’ve slept on park benches, that I’ve slept under bridges, that I’ve slept in abandon houses, NO JOKE, NO JOKE! Yea, I’ve got roommates, today, but they ALL have personal relationships with Christ… we fall out, yea, but they are family… and we are exceedingly blessed… TRUE STORY… my testimony is close, like toast is to jam, no pre-test cram… Jesus is the answer, ‘in and out’ of the situation… I’ve been tempted in the flesh, tempted to ‘lose-it’, but God is working a glory in me far greater than any of the assorted dainties of the enemy… bowels of mercy, at the ready always, prepared with the gospel of Peace, truth, mercy, and grace.

February 28, 2017


     Last night of February… watching a lil’bit of t.v., not sure if it’s watching me … eggs at my local “Wally-World” go 60 for like two dollars… ain’t nothing alright with that–>so I don’t buy’em any more… all kinds of rumors and such online–>> used to get ‘mega’ bogged down- with all that– but the focus is Christ–>> not the fear… as much as those principalities would promote nations/societies to believe that they rule and control everything–>> they don’t … they run to the end of the chain and bark, but in the scheme of eternity–>> they hold no power–>> they are of their father the devil and his eternity will be spent in judgement–>> flames and darkness… (ear itch–>> going to grab q-tip) Caught my self-slipping this evening- I was stuck in youtube for bout’ 30-45 min. went from searching songs to curiosity bout’ a video that came up regarding wal-mart… then, was watching some crazy performance beyonce’ had put on… she was pregnant in the performance… and it looked very anti-Christ, it was not good… and I was watching, watching, watching, and it dawned on me- Yo! Wake up! This is evil, and there is no justification to be watching this… my housemate was on computer next to me listening to some worship music… and I said “self”–>> you gotta get on thru, this ain’t right, go shower, go eat, go bless someone. So I logged off, showered, cooked some eggs and bacon and bagel and hit up my momma, my aunt, and text an old-friend (she’s a she–> in recovery) and told her to be encouraged. That was that and I got me some peace in this room that I’ve settled in to watch a lil’ t.v.

     God, You’ve certainly been good to me, my family… watch over my enemies and draw all men to You Father, Amen.

February 7, 2017


     Yea, I get tempted, but if I nudge just enough–>> just hold on- just a little resistance- Christ meets me and the Holy Ghost helps me to hold on in that special way He does. Sin is horrible it corrodes, destroys… when I sin- I don’t want to do anything- but feel miserable of sin more or forget my sins by ‘using’ or having sex or whatever I can to elude that shame and guilt; which usually leads to more shame and guilt.

     Lost my roommate from sin… I watched what I think was the decay and manifestation of sin– outwardly he looked healthy and fine… and watched him slip into a complacency… he sought Christ and himself and it was oil and water… things ended up a ‘mess’ for him. and him having to leave today wasn’t pretty for anyone. thank you Lord keeping Your hand on his life Father, thank you for mercy Lord for him… that he would lean on You in the these moments not on his own understanding. Change is not easy…

     The whole thing with roommate, definitely ‘could have been me.’ I have not kept me from every bonehead decision I’ve thought of since I’ve been on this journey… it’s been the grace of God…(that kept me from making the decisions)… straight up! I’ve been resisting sin and temptation by God’s grace… I don’t want to be estranged from my Father, it’s not a good feeling.  -Schlaf Gut— 11:08PM

23:40PM–>> 11:40PM

     I’m still awake and reading (*Chatterbox*) cause’ there are clothes I need that are still drying….. ‘The more deeply we reinforce our identity in Christ, the more fortified we will be against the onslaught of opposing voices in our lives.’ (*Chatterbox*)