July 29, 2017


Holy is Your name, Father… Thank You for grace and mercy.

Thank You for bringing ‘Jose’ Colorado’ home safe from his stint in the county jail. Brother went home (Colorado) for what was sposed’ to be a short visit and court appearance. (He was assured he’d do ‘no time’.) This was close to two or two and one half months ago… the brother made it thru with an incredible testimony… I mean, the man was spirit-filled during his stay with the Overcomers, and his patience/faith has been tested and refined (as the heart’s of the sovereign’s children often are… being purged in His love unto righteousness.) and he was delivered to the jailer’s in Colorado where he was able to be a walking, talking testament of God’s love and mercy. blessed are the feet of those who bring good news… (Isaiah 52:7)

thank You Lord for peace in our house and sanctifying Your sons for that which You’ve ordained us. Thank You Father for blessing my leaders and counselors and our positions in the kingdom- as lightbearers… for courage and boldness to be obedient in season and out of season… filling our hearts with praise and our lips with songs of worship. You are worthy Lord.. help us stand and continue to stand.


June 20, 2017


-Homework for new class “knocked out”…

-Personal devotion time.

-Set-up payments to be made on (defaulted) student-loans

-Installed first walls.. today (I’ve never messed with framing… but I’ma be here working with these guys start to finish on the two houses we are currently building…. all walls were built offsite and we put the first ones up today.) It truly is a big deal to be apart of the projects… To see the effect our presence has on the surrounding community is incredible.

-I’ve completed the work requested by my instructor..(leadership workbook)

-Cooking and eating dinner…

-5:44pm…called dad… maybe go to gym… currently undecided.

-Feeling grateful

-My friend started a new job– hope it is panning out well.

-Big day tomorrow… need to lay it down at a reasonable time…

-Mentor is back from missions trip (Dominican Republic)… I’ll see him tomorrow.

-Ms. Basil (plant) is doing well from what I can tell… trimmed, water, relocated “her” for sunlight. (bought her Saturday).

-Bought a ‘dinky’ Venus fly-trap…Sunday… and he’s, for real, struggling… I’ve pretty much left him to God.. cause he needs serious help… I think I’ve done all I can. (Thinking Lowe’s pimped me on that one. ūüė¶ ¬† ¬† …… Live and learn… the next dealer I get this bundle of terrors from will be certified… ūüėČ … prolly name them ‘killJoy’ or ‘Bittersweet’, but I’m super excited. Thank You Jesus… for New Life.

March 6, 2017


¬† ¬† ¬†Listening to my roommate talk… he’s talking to me about holding him accountable… on the one hand– that’s not so hard–>>on the other… sometimes one does not want to… especially when that person is not particularly receptive… if not inconvenient, it’s like, I don’t want to be involved at all… I’ve gotten to feeling like getting into those disagreements makes me look a way that is less than appealing, irresponsible… I get to feeling like–“look at all the hard work I’ve done,””don’t be coming over here and getting your ‘crud’ on me… I’ve got my own set of defects I’ve been needing to work on.” {Especially when it seems like the person is only putting an effort of 10 percent into their walk.} ¬†It’s not right, I know this, it’s not right; not in the Spirit… My priority must remain Christ… He (Christ) is not asking me to take on others sins… He is knocking on my heart and mending me in a way that encourages, motivates, and receives others; in love. Thank you Father for the remembrance of Your teachings in trials and temptations, for Your faithfulness, and bearing the iniquities of the world. For bearing our prayers. We’ve been bought with a price… Father, help me to live in a manner that will allow me to receive that which You have desired for me.

February 24, 2017

9:49 PM

¬† ¬† ¬†Recollect… the day… proceeded well… forever grateful to any and all individuals who have encouraged me online… the reward of ‘blogging’ and journaling has been far greater than I’ve ever thought it would have been… I’ve learned a lot about myself and documented all kinds of memories.

¬† ¬† ¬†Within the past 45 minutes I’ve discovered a musical trio unlike any other- their name- ‘the Collective’, I’ve never heard of them before, but after typing ‘real hip-hop for Christ’ in my Youtube search bar, I was not let-down… I’ve heard plenty of generic stuff, (Lord forgive me… I don’t have the right to judge your servants…) but I will say, these guys seem fully invested… what they have done is nothing short of spectacular… so I’ma keep digging in that direction… proud to say some of the closest things I have in my phone to secular is ‘Mos’ Def’… and that was downloaded tonight… aside from a very frustrating conversation I had with a friend of mine via text/talk, (I want help for them, they don’t want help.)… she wants attention, but not help… that was a lil’ frustrating because it could have been averted… but that’s what I get… play with fire- play with fire… play with fire…. .. Thank you Lord for mercy… keep us Father.

February 9, 2017


¬† ¬† ¬†Father, bottom-line.. You’re just being tooo good to us Father… the longer I walk with you Jesus… the more you reveal to me Father… the more You bring me to acknowledge You and Your faithfulness Father… You bring me before kings and princes… to You proclaim Your name… You bring me home safe… You grant me peace… You permit my existence… You sustain, cultivate, and end relationships– healthy and unhealthy… Those things that can seem so small, Lord, You reveal to me, beyond ALL doubt that, ‘Yea that’s Me’, and ‘that was ME too.’ (Meaning You) In the knowledge/realization of You in every aspect of life, I am overjoyed– knowing of You and KNOWING You are two completely different things… one will not bring about life change (of their own volition) any more than a *stop sign* can change it’s meaning to ‘go’.

¬† ¬† ¬† Sitting in this beautiful home–>> with the brothers God delivered me too… not living under any pressure other than to Grow in Christ, share the gospel, live as Christ did… in my own strength it’s impossible but it’s become more clear than ever that the Holy Ghost is with me… and I am not alone.

December 5, 2016


¬† ¬† ¬†‘Sitting in’ on class at Greenville Tech… the other guys are testing… I’m taking the opportunity to read some M.U.4.H.H. (My Utmost for His Highest) and get some peaceful meditation… I’d not have come to class today had it been my choice… there was a chance that I may have pursued to remain at the house, but the Spirit intervened… told me… this is not ‘ all about me’… go with the flow… be content, more or less. Before getting to the school location we made another stop… there was a transit bus parked and there was the driver on the bus… a lady… feeling led to go speak to her… wish her happy holidays and telling her Jesus loved her… I got off the van… I was on…. stood there next to the van and told myself that I’d go talk to her once I could see the other guys on the way back… while I was distracted the bus ‘crank’ and pulled off. (Had a quick impulse to chase the bus.) Immediately, I made note that I have to start being obedient, and stop doing things when I decide too… (“what’s new”)!? It’s occurred to me that when this occurs, I can still pray for the individual… also I prayed to God that He’d help me with my wavering, helping me to be prompt… Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes and ears. Filling me with that gospel of Peace… *Every Christian can have his body under absolute control for God.” -O.Chambers