August 6, 2017



May Your nae be glorified in the highest, in every nation, by every tribe. Thank You for the breathe in me, that You stood and died for… You were not afraid of the destiny for which You were called and created.. You had/have the power to lay down Your life, and to take it up. You did not falter at the cross… or waver… You embraced the will of the Father. Before I was born, You accepted me as Your brother and friend. You prepared a way for us, true, and sure… fearfully and wonderfully made we are… we are beautiful Jesus. You’ve given Your sons and daughters identity, and they truly are beautiful… You’ve blessed us exceedingly, Father… and i’m not talking about ‘the whip’ aka ‘the Cloud’… I’m talk’in bout’ the relationships that were dead, seemingly, beyond repair. I’m talk’in bout’ the purpose You’ve given us, the burdens on our heart for the lost and the broken; our drive and desire to serve You… The freedom granted us to shun drugs/alcohol (sin in general) and pursue Spirit driven lines. Thank You, Lord.


July 23, 2017


The sun is high, there’s plenty clouds scattered across the sky.. but no competition for the skies vastness… the occasional shade is cast, but it is extremely nice… and everyone is getting a little tan…

One of our guys made decision, a few weeks back, to get baptized. Today, was the big day… after church we all (guys from house) joined his family at his parent’s house to have lunch. When lunch was over we sat n’ chat for a bit on each of our successes/testimonies and how good God has been to us. After getting full and meeting bros siblings, we determined ourselves to hit the neighborhood pool…, there are a few kids, but the pool is far from overcrowded. Everyone is actually having a good time…I’ve been in pool a few times, but -broke out- to have a read in my assigned book (The Utter Relief of Holiness), I’ve been a lil’ bit behind, then I settled upon writing… the rest of the night should be more than laxed’… I think we will all be here till’ close to 5/6pm. In which case we will not be going to OC tonight… I aim to promote much renewal for myself as possible before jumping back into this week. Thank You Lord for liberty and time to get renewed… thank You for strengthening our hands..