July 26, 2017


Brother, I want to help you. You see, God, He’s been so good to me. If you could see me today, you’d understand that I’ve been delivered… that, I’m all the way o.k… when I tell people, today, what was and who i used to be, they don’t believe it… but, believe me brother, as I am standing, as I am breathing… I tell you, there is indeed The God; not just a god… He is THE GOD!!! The creator of all things… and He does, does, does, love you dearly… He loves us… and yea, we’ve all got stories (so the common cliche’ goes) and I’ve not been there for your highlights or the lowest moments… but, I assure you that an ever-loving, ever-sovereign, ever-patient God was… Waiting for the ever-fated moment you’d ‘turn’ in your heart of hearts, from whatever design you’ve created for yourself, and seek that purpose for which you’ve been created.

God has life stored up for you unlike that you’ve ever-known… and I’m not selling anything my brothers (sisters)… this is no mere dream, or positive idea I’ve conjured up… Our Father who is in heaven sent His son to earth to die for you and I, that we may have life… not the temporal life which perishes, decays, and corrupts… but that eternal life with eternal riches of priceless value… rest and peace, clarity, fellowship, and oneness with the glory of God. We shall be like Him at His appearing. Amen. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus.


June 26, 2017


Not my will… Lord Jesus, but Yours… be done… I’m glad i’m not in charge… cause’ You are the only one who can decree a righteous judgement… my own soul is not even within my grasp apart from You, Jesus…

Thank You for Your teachings, Lord… for helping me feel welcome despite all my shortcomings… and strengthening my faith by each of my weaknesses… I regularly fall short, but You’ve helped me understand it is not that I may be destroyed, but for my good…

Waiting on one of the bros. to come home from work… I’ve been instructed to give him a drug test and brealyzer… all dude had to do was call someone and let them know he’d be late… or that he was going to be working a double or something, but he hasn’t said anything to anyone… It’s really frustrating and I’ve addressed with the other guys how I was feeling, but they’re telling me… I don’t have to feel frustrated… it just irks me that the man I’m speaking of, has continually expressed in his actions that he just doesn’t care… (at least it comes off that way) and , yea, it bugs me…

Now, I’m being instructed not to let the man in the house without him speaking with the director… so, that’s what I’m gon’ be doing; sitting up, and being patient and waiting on my brother who I’ve lived with for about 7 months and known for over 12 months to ascertain whether or not the man is going to be allowed to continue living here… to find out what the deal is…


Just received a call from director… all is well and I can go to sleep… the guy was indeed still at work and he is on the way home now…

Praise God, thank You Jesus… for getting him here safe… and helping me to put my eyes on You and bringing priority back into focus. Form a sound perspective in me Lord.

December 16, 2016


     Praise God for another day clean and healthy relationships… I’m enjoying the convenience of that mercy that’s allowed me to be able to sit in the living room and have a ‘coke’ (coca-cola), eat a ‘self-bought/made/cooked’ sandwich (porkchop, pickle,cheddar), write at leisure, and watch a movie (rented by roommates)… we ‘trip-out’ sometimes and we get out of sync’ sometimes, but by all accounts Christ is recognized and remains the foundation of each of our relationships. I’m at peace… and any ‘trouble’ that I might lay claim to or name, is nothing in comparison to all that God’s done… what He’s doing… everyday… in our lives… the way everything is falling into place.


     I’ve been watching the movie ‘Ben-Hur’, definitely a good movie to watch… it’s not over, yet…but speaking of being grateful… this man had everything stripped from him… Judah Ben Hur… and he had a brother (adopted) that he had a falling out with in a terrible way…there are many observations to take note of, that are very much applicable to my life, currently.