June 3, 2017


Good morning life and wisdom and knowledge and blessing. Feeling good bout’ the decision to stay home and reflect… woke up bout’ 5:30am for group (F3) and we had a super-chill morning. There ‘s something about waking up early to meet the sunrise. Literally starting the day off on the right foot…. the less trodden path… (majority of people are not dying to wake up and exercise…) I’m glad to have been scooped up by these guys (F3)… they are good support…

Haven’t made plans for the rest of the day… prolly’ spend most of it round’ the house… I have never had trouble keeping myself occupied… that’s one of the perks of having floundered into so many backgrounds, cliques, and social groups… I’ve picked up many hobbies and interests… many mediums by which to channel and express ‘what’s inside’… (Hobbies are great… but not without respect to priorities…)

One of my main objectives today will include personal time with the Lord and ‘keeping my hand back off the stove’… (temptation)… cultivating the trust of God in me… I know He is taking care of me and my relationships, and still… I know what’s best…(picture that lol…<sarcasm> knowing what’s best for yourself…   🙂 ) That’s the vicious cycle… and yet, it doesn’t have to be… I have to stop giving the enemy space to tell me I don’t know God’s will… God’s will is that I prosper… and continue on the path that He has set before me.

Restore my desire Father… help me stand… endure… keep going… embracing the truth and peace.




February 23, 2017

10:20 PM

     If you ever catch scent/trail/glimmer/trace of what it is you are wanting to say or express–>> do yourself a favor and ‘let it rip!’ –> write it down–> make the delivery– you can’t hold those things down… this is coming out because I was in this position around 4PM… I knew exactly what and how I wanted to say IT… and I procrastinated to scribble it down until my mind was occupied by some ‘otherness’ …

     Watching ‘Rudy’ now… I never knew Rudy’s brother died… (I think it was his brother.) He’s bout’ to hop on a greyhound bus… (the main character)… bout’ to chase his dream.. I remember ‘setting out’ from home… and every bus ride… every ‘bump in the road’ –>> I’m not ignorant of one twist in the journey/road… seems like multiple lives sometimes… it’s not been any light task coming to where I am today… it hasn’t been a waste… my life is recovering value in Christ at an alarming rate… we all have heard the phrase that, ‘the future looks bright.’ This is true, but my present is yet brighter… knowing who is in control and having that relationship with God today that I never had in the past… I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I am grateful to have seen today with the Lord.