July 23, 2017


The sun is high, there’s plenty clouds scattered across the sky.. but no competition for the skies vastness… the occasional shade is cast, but it is extremely nice… and everyone is getting a little tan…

One of our guys made decision, a few weeks back, to get baptized. Today, was the big day… after church we all (guys from house) joined his family at his parent’s house to have lunch. When lunch was over we sat n’ chat for a bit on each of our successes/testimonies and how good God has been to us. After getting full and meeting bros siblings, we determined ourselves to hit the neighborhood pool…, there are a few kids, but the pool is far from overcrowded. Everyone is actually having a good time…I’ve been in pool a few times, but -broke out- to have a read in my assigned book (The Utter Relief of Holiness), I’ve been a lil’ bit behind, then I settled upon writing… the rest of the night should be more than laxed’… I think we will all be here till’ close to 5/6pm. In which case we will not be going to OC tonight… I aim to promote much renewal for myself as possible before jumping back into this week. Thank You Lord for liberty and time to get renewed… thank You for strengthening our hands..


January 14, 2017


     Praise God for redemption… fresh air… and personal devotion. Reading from, ‘My Utmost for His Highest’…Oswald (author) says that hearing God’s call is proportional with the condition of my ears… what I hear is ‘equivalent’ with my spiritual attitude… if those two ideas aren’t ‘jewels’ in the times that we live in..!! I don’t know what is… Mr. Chambers plainly states that the call of God is for everyone.. the thief, the killer, rapist, homosexual, etc… in one way shape or form I have been all of these… and more… but the gospel of Christ is might to save… not destructive and condemning… The law is to love God, and to love your neighbor as yourself; not grab your brother who is overtaken in a fault and hook them to the bumper of your car and drag them through the street… which, some do. (As have I)… The example Oswald uses to convey the thoughts on ‘who is’ and ‘who is not’ chosen is Isaiah… how Isaiah overheard God’s call for ‘who will go for Us?’ and Isaiah spoke up saying, ‘Here I am.’God does not force anyone to do anything… all of his disciples received Him and followed Him willfully… so are His chosen…

10:21 PM–>>

     Will be waking up earlier than usual tomorrow, for church… Bob and I are going to Union… I’m still up because I wanted to make note of some of the afternoon.. well… after having a visitor come over this morning come share some great news (I am eligible for some assistance for work equipment)… I was stoked about that, then one of the guys wanted to shoot to the gym.. I was having a particularly difficult time between Amazon and my debit card… so, I also went with bro to gym. Come home after gym, got cleaned up, slammed a ‘shiska-bob’ we grilled last night, prepared to go downtown. After ‘getting ready’ I felt like maybe I should grab my bible… my bible is pretty large… instead of thinking about it too hard, I went ahead and grabbed it… flipped my whole downtown experience around… it’s not the first time being downtown or the first time carrying the bible, but it was definitely the first time I carried my bible openly, not on a Sunday, publicly, without being drunk, high on any drug, with the intent of sharing the word if so led–> for whatever reason, I could not help but acknowledge the missionaries who were downtown, ‘the man’ who was on the bench who was praising and worshiping God, and ministering to those who would arrive at the intersection’s crosswalk… the guys that were with me were skeptical of his sobriety… either way… “the man’s” words were sound… and none of us were inclined to proclaim the word as confidently, cool, and rhythmically as he was. After we came home… one of my ‘homies’ (housemates) had scheduled a ‘sit-down’ where I could draw/sketch him up… the picture came out exceptionally well… I thank God for that opportunity… speaking of opportunities; the ladies at the career center want me to compose a song that focuses on employment readiness; I’m sleeping on the job with that one… I’ve got it on my calendar to have something laid out by Monday night… there’s a full day tomorrow, Praise God! we’ll get the lyrics down… something… it’ll be exactly what the doctor ordered. Thank you Heavenly Father– for these ‘first of many firsts.’ For new life, endurance, longevity, and opportunity.