May 25, 2016

John 16:13  The Holy Spirit will guide me into all truth. The Spirit will not speak of itself; What the Holy Spirit hears, that will he shew me.

(What is to come).

Devotion: Passion and Truth

Truth without conviction BLOWSSSS!!! Conviction without truth SUCKSSSS!!!

We should live truth passionately.

Involvement in social transformation—>> we need renewal—>> we have to get recharged—>>centered–>>>refocused.

Zeal does not make up for a lack of clarity!

Active involvement must include a vision of God’s kingdom to guide that involvement.

Dying for lies and errors doesn’t make them true!



May 24, 2016

Missed “Pray-In” this morning! This extremely made me upset. Doing devotion now and relying on the Holy Spirit to help me manage my emotions.

Devotion: ‘Someone Else’s Problem’

We are so much harder on other individuals shortcomings, when we have patience with ourselves through prayer and making changes in our own lives. It ought not to be as such.

Verse: Galatians 6:2 —

I was incredibly upset this morning. Not concerning my ‘consequences’ that would inevitably come, but because I don’t want to seem careless. Bob come and visit me today and brought me a phone card, wherewith I can call my family. For some crazy reason… the later I am awake the more my thoughts are driven toward insanity. I hate it… drugs, women, etc. That’s why I am really looking forward to taking this week that I have received of ‘restrictions’ to energize/enflame myself by Christ mercies and the study of them throughout this week. I miss the girl and it usually gets like this at night if I stay up too late. I’m working on getting to sleep earlier. Suppose if I’m waiting later to do these things (read/write) that I enjoy doing…. I need to prioritize them as such. Galatians 5:17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary. the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would…

May 23, 2016


Devotion: Prayer and Fulfillment

Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:7 —walking by faith and not by sight—

Upon reflecting on the day; it went well. For a few others it was not so well with them. four guys were put out… “smoking cigarettes” and if they are not in jail right now… they may be going soon. I don’t wish jail or prison on anyone. I wish they had come to realize what was going on, and stopped living in the “illness” they had been living, and given themselves to Christ and been living, and given themselves to Christ and put away their old selves. I have to commit myself to those guidelines each and every day. (The guidelines of renewal) I seek peace and I want a death-defying love to reside in me for Christ. That I would not stumble. If I am to stumble, I would that it not be far, and pray that I repent immediately, and forsake that evil. I need to tighten up… I’m doing what I need to… I feel… when it comes to my relationship with christ. I just feel like I’m falling behind with the program. I need to lean my steps and verses. I only know a few of them and not in full. I’m still working on my book concerning the Holy Spirit, I can’t wait to start on the next volume. There’s more than enough to meditate on, inside them. I am reading now and going to sleep. My focus for tomorrow is step work.

May 22, 2016

(Pre-thought) It is amazing how no matter what the day would have amounted to, typically, when you make a commitment to christ and you make good on that commitment (fasting) becomes a blessing to you, in the face of whatever might have transpired that day. When you don’t surrender something (object, person, or activity) to christ, and you feel like God has been asking for it, and He takes it anyway, then you realize how much more of a blessing it could have been had you surrendered it.

Devotion: “God of Compassion”

We all need god’s grace. Some people feel they are worse off than others and some feel that they are too “good”. They either can’t recognize how much they need God’s grace, or some think/feel so bad they think there is no hope for them.

Verse: Luke 15:20

Verse displays the Father’s love for us…and how great it is, in spite of our tendencies to turn our back on Him. In church this morning, we spoke about Shad. Me. and Abed. and their courage under fire. (Shadrach Meshach and Abednego)




Working on not biting nails and not drinking coffee.

Bible Study at Rocky Creek

Happiness- manifests through righteous living for God

Pleasure Mania—> Entertainment industry —> created to keep us from mourning.

Blessed—> Happy

Blessed are those who mourn. Sin grieves God.

Luke 7:36 Pharisees house –> Jesus forgives woman of the city.

Christianity is NOT an addition to life. Christ changes lives.

When we grieve like God grieves, when we hurt like god hurts, He will give us comfort (reinforcements). Blessed are those who quit “pretending”.


May 21 2016

6: Something PM

Unlike most weekends, I’m “falling all the way back”, back into my room for some quality time with the “Word”. Giving myself some separation time from the community… I usually run rampant all day, then lay down and feel ill that I dedicated very little time to the Lord. I had a very limited amount of lewd thoughts today, though I spent most of my free-time playing the game. (XBOX) Which reminds me I have a movie to watch for my counselor… (for me to report to my counselor.) I’ll handle that tomorrow.

—Things to ask God since I often forget.—

ability to manage time- most efficiently, between all the interests I have and how I can better utilize every talent to glorify Him.


I can’t help but occasionally get thoughts of the girl I’ve been with for so long. I shun the thoughts of her and her well-being from my mind, and if I must think of her, I do all I can to keep all of the crap in perspective. “I” can’t do anything about her or where she is- who she is with- none of that!!! I have to maintain a focus on myself. I don’t need any relationship, but the relationship I have in Christ. Thank you Father for helping me to remain steadfast.

May 20, 2016


Devotion today, I spent reading my book on the Holy Spirit. I really like the book and it has been extremely helpful/insightful. I also found out there is another volume for what I am reading now. (I’m in the library) I can’t wait to finish the one I’m reading so that I can start on the other. I do believe reading just might be a lost art. I cannot decide if it’s due to technology or just how society has evolved, but no one seeks out these long lost truths of past generations. Do we not increase learning???

Devotion: The God who Empowers:

Key Points: We can not desire God only in our inabilities and need. God seeks to be part of our joys and our sorrows. He is part of our health and our healing, our ability and our weaknesses. Our most fervent prayers need to be redeemed by the Grace of God. For, at best, they are but a small and weak offering. Self-satisfaction and pride is worth nothing between myself and Christ. God is not offended by our weakness and vulnerability.

Verse: Romans 8:26

We don’t know what to pray for- the Spirit makes intercession for us. God is interested in all aspects of our life. I don’t seek to boast. I shall seek Him, continually.

May 19, 2016

Devotion: “Never Enough”

*Success, in a matter, is not necessarily completion. Social transformation/gospel proclamation are great, but do not mean, “everyone is saved!” so we can relax now. Success brings with it, it’s own responsibilities and conflicts.

Obedient Faithfulness is GREATER (to be coveted) over Transitory success.

-Change is NEVER complete.

*Scripture- Isaiah 65:17-25

I really, really like verse 17-25, they (scriptures) describe the kingdom that is to come and how God’s people shall live. How we shall live with God. how there will be peace I’ve been reading a new book called THE HOLY SPIRIT a.k.a. Power from on High. It’s an older book. The book is by A.B. Simpson. Strangely enough the author”s initials are A.B.S.; that’s pretty cool. The book is highly insightful and empowering. I’ve just returned form a “graduation ceremony” for the program… I’m proud of the guys and I pray for God’s sustaining power to manifest in their lives. I cannot wait to graduate and rejoin my family… I miss them very much. I don’t want to waste my life and I don’t want to let them down, or let Christ down. Thank you Holy Spirit for all that you are, and all that I can’t fathom… that, also, is you.