October 21, 2017


Still looking for apartment/ or some sort of living situation… waiting but looking… patient but determined… can’t wait to get in my own place… spent the day getting ‘caught-up’ with my good friend – who had the baby a few months back. He’s a physical trainer and God has done an amazing work in his marriage and with his career.

I’m home now- gon’ spend the rest of evening looking through apartments and odd jobs on Craigslist. Thank You Lord for Your goodness to us.


October 20, 2017

11:51 am

Literally, sitting down now to hunt for stable living situation- apartment/housing… still trusting in God, but also acquainting myself with what’s available in the area… should be sitting down shortly to discuss plans with the director (HOH).

Today is going well… had coffee with a friend, did a little shopping, and made way back to the house… gonna’ relax until the guys come back from their respective agendas and find some way to get active, later… (run, walk, jog, skate, swim, whatever… 🙂 )


October 19, 2017


Psalms 19:1 — The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament of His handiwork.

19:7-14 ‘God’s Law/Attributes’


Super slow day at work… it’s our last day of the work week… Few more hours before we can go home… we are taking a break…

To be honest honest- all kinds of thoughts have been running rampant through my mind… I’ve been praying the Lord grant me strength to endure and grace when I’ve faltered. He’s done all these things and more… it was just yesterday the Holy Spirit echoed in my Spirit that He is holding me up and He will not drop me… if I will just hold on to Him and keep trusting Him… He also introduced some new people into my life to grow with, speak with, and share life with… Men’s group on Wednesday nights has been straight- awesome… and that’s being extremely vague.

Thank You, Lord, for bringing me this far- and the plans You have… if I will only endure- thank You for helping me less selfish toward others. Thank You for blessing myself and the crew and helping us to understand and never forget from where all blessings flow.


October 18, 2017


Out on jobsite- superintendent and coworker rode out on a Lowe’s run… I’m sitting over the trench we’ve been working in with my foot dangling over the pipe that I’m sposed to make sure the foundation guys don’t crack when they dig their ‘footer’ through the area where our pipes cross… Trash has been picked  up, tools have been organized, and come lunch time (45 minutes) I’m going to go eat… So much on my mind lately, but most stemming from self-imposed heartaches… but, so what, man up and get over it, right !? Like multiple mentors have said, this is sposed’ to be the most exciting time of my life… and it is… but, a shadow has been allowed to loom for some time now… Thank You Jesus for deliverance… and the steadfast determination to abide in it.


The afternoon was relatively relaxed at work… aside from the fact I forgot to strap down ladders after throwing them on the rack of company truck… not one of my shining moments…but, this moment was less about me and more of understanding the grace that was extended to me by my coworkers (not reborn) though the ladders spilled all over the highway and I was on the way home when crew-boss text me… thank YOu, Lord, for helping me to be understanding and compassionate toward my coworkers.

October 17, 2017


Proverbs 17:1, 9, 10, 12, 22, 24, 27, 28

Psalms 17:3, 5, 7, 8, 15!

Outreach question pg. 195 (Overcomer workbook.. Personal enrichment literature)

Note to self… work on boundaries.  I have boundaries, but I believe I use them the wrong way. Not necessarily boundaries intended to keep one from drinking, smoking, etc… but boundaries, in general, to maintain my sanity… boundaries pertaining to interactions with those in the world, mostly… I’ve got no problem speaking up, but it’s the whole art of not making a situation worse that needs fine-tuning…


Short time before checking out of work… God is good all the time and it won’t be but a few minutes before going to school. Day is going well… need to tighten up on the house/apt. search, though… feeling hopeful, though. I’ma see what’s happening when I get off work. Thank YOu, Father for an open door.


Tonight is a night that I got a sincere impulse to do wrong… allowing myself to be tugged to making a withdrawal (atm) that I had no reason to make at all. It was after 8 p.m. Four times my card refused to be read… not because money was not available… but because a connection could not be established. (to bank)_….. Even when I let go Lord, You hold me up. Please forgive me and thank You for bringing me peace, or helping me receive it, rather.

October 16, 2017

5:21 am

Proverbs- 16:7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 23, 24, 25

Psalms- 16:1, 5, 6, 8, 11



Thank You, Father, for helping me keep my heart stayed on You… every day i precisely that- a day– a day You have permitted us to awaken to, to live, to lift up our heads, our eyes, to behold Your glory… Your will be done, Father, I will trust You- by the power of the Holy Ghost… I will not return to a yoke of bondage, in Jesus name.

October 15, 2017


Quote that states: character of a man determined during times of turmoil, distress, peril??? (Find it…)

Notes and points for speech:

Explain how HOH has been instrumental in showing a man how to live out faith practically… life does not quit… it ebbs and flows- program is designed to show us how to move with the current and adjust our sails accordingly… solidifying that work which has been started in us. (Maybe, personalize this more?)

Examples of times where things were tense. God’s grace and mercy.

Everyone was a working component of a team… that has made their contribution to moving our lives toward being virtuous men… men of principle, values, and integrity- that can gladly go to work everyday knowing they are part of a greater whole… that believe in such intangibles as hope, justice, and equality, and the importance of sharing— by the authority of Him by which we were sent, the “Good News”

Thank You Lord for safe travels home and consecrating me to You… relinquishing every last bit of every soul-tie- that threatens my relationship with You… strengthen me against this temptation that has encroached me… and thank You for helping me abide in the authority of the scriptures.