May 17, 2017


Practicing my writing in the car skills. The instructor is driving… we’re on the way to an establishment that is affiliated with wal-mart… damaged and returned goods… we are permitted to run around for about 30 minutes, and grab whatever may be of use for the house… it’s been a major blessing, we are never in too much need outside of an attitude adjustment. Praise God for those. 🙂


Waiting on ride for church and I’m not in denial… the truth is taring me in the face… there’s obvious reservations within me to do wrong… to the point I’ve really concentrated my focus on not thinking or dwelling on those reservations… but just telling my inner-self that you will be okay, just do the next right thing… a path will form, my path has formed… now, who in their right mind would sabotage that… I’ll tell you who… someone who believes they can do what they want… that, there is no repercussions for certain things… there are though… and it grips me that those things I’m “struggling oh so hard” with (sarcasm) are nothing to that ‘third-world’ person who is actually scrapp’in for everything… who really is poor.. they don’t have the luxury of even indulging the issues we have, here, in South Carolina… I feel led to severely cut my intake of the world off, (fast), I really think that’s the only thing that can break this ‘thing’ that I’m going through right now… it’s not oppressive… it’s inviting… but I’m pretty darn positive that I’m not supposed to sit here in ‘it’… I’m not about to get all drastic, but… I’ve got to get more dependent on You Father… I’m not gonna panic Lord, but I don’t want to hinder this process by doing too much of nothing or by being too busy. Help me ‘be’ in the best way, and forgive me for trying to work within myself… and not giving You the time of day… and living however I deem is right… without seeking You first… making decisions You don’t approve of… not speaking up when I should, or being quiet when I should… for ignoring You Lord and willfully sinning…

Thank You for Your grace and mercy. I need you… now, Lord I know You aren’t hiding… help me keep my commitments. Thank You for Your faithfulness.


Author: clhemingwayii

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! Isaiah 52:7(KJV)

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