January 19, 2017

10:42 AM

     I’ve officially been *quarantined*… tried to go to work, but my superiors deemed that I come back home… *sneezing, sniffing (despite the ‘noseplugs’ I was using to fight back torrential waves of nastiness)… my roommate ‘caught the bug’ yesterday, so, originally we left him home… leaving him upstairs… I grabbed a few books, notebook, speakerbox (mp3), Bible, and water jug (orange-juice filled). After eating a light plate of ramen, chicken, and a boiled egg I had leftover; I come to the ‘multi-purpose’ table… we use this table for everything from morning devotions, to eating dinner, to house-meetings, etc. It also quadruples as my personal desk when everyone is away. It’s on  my heart to write this down right now, God’s word states that in all things we do, we should do them as unto the Lord… not for the money, not for attention, not for love (because we are loved already)… anything we do, should be as unto Christ… for His glory, not for our own glory… and that is where the drive and motivation come from — for me… I mean, there was plenty of times in the past– where I just wanted to give up–>> and lay down to die… (not exaggerating)… I thank God today, for the hope we have in Him… for knowing He counted us worth dying for and for the opportunity to perpetuate that love to the whole world… The one and only true God–>> fierce as a lion- gentle as a lamb–>> whose love endureth all things… Thank you Lord for moving the hearts of the writer and the reader to rejoice in you–>> in sickness and in health… move our hearts to that place where we first met you and invigorate our hearts in a manner that we can not help but share your love with those around us… a city on a hill cannot be hid, Lord. In this same manner, may our testimonies proclaim your glory.

**Listening to: Hold on To Me–>>via Elevation Worship

Reading: January 19th Passage –>> O. Chambers

Reflection: Do I trust at all in the flesh? Or have I learned to go beyond all confidence in myself and other people of God? —->>Thought provoking question asked by author…

     I am more than sure there is some degree of confidence placed in my ability to do just about anything, ‘half-way’ decent… I’m definitely not bragging, and God receives all the glory for this… I’m referring to the aptitude I have for learning and picking up on things… this can be a stumbling block of sorts when it comes to being patient and waiting on God…not stick my foot, hand, or nose ‘into the mix’… I’ve spent a large part of my life trying to make ways where there seems to be no way.. brushing my shoulders off and saying ‘yea, I did that right there…’ (pridefully)… Yea, the job may get accomplished… but, God has been showing me a better way… rather than using a hammer to drive screws into a board, he’s provided me with the more appropriate tool (screwdriver)… Instead of me using a blade designed to cut wood on a steel beam- He’s provided me a blade to cut metal. he also is perfecting that attitude within me that seeks NO GLORY…none! That all credit be attributed to Him… The kingdom of God is at hand… and it’s bout’ time– to realize there ain’t no time to be wasting in telling the TRUTH… ascribing God the utmost glory in all things… in every direction you look… all hearts and minds will point to Him… if not today, then on day soon… Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess…


Reading-Alive in the Spirit—>>AW Tozer (compilation)

The Bible speaks of going into your closet to pray… but nowadays when one speaks of closet it is perverted to describe ones sexual orientation…When I pray reverently to the Lord in submission it is on my knees… today–>> being ‘on your knees’ is twisted into a lewd connotation… I’ve heard many artist–>>e.g. Wayne’, Future, etc. say in their lyrics they ‘are not from here’ (Earth) or that they are aliens… but was that not also in the Word first… I’m not going to ‘flip my table’, no need… self-control is better than wrath… I would that all would covet wisdom and understanding, seeking truth… the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction… Proverbs 1:7… ‘get to the roots’ you know? Some people won’t REALLY look for the truth because they are afraid of what they might find. One of the great things I find about the Word of God is that it is not partial to any one group/ethnicity, sex, etc… God is not a respector of persons. (For there is no respect of persons with God. Romans 2:11) I’m of the mind that some would have the whole world to live in chaos, it’s become an attractive ideology amid those who live ‘alternative’ lifestyles… there, you have those individuals who would have society accommodate any and every type of atrocity that could be done under the sun, in a controlled type of provision that has been made for those walks of life… (which is pretty much, our sinful nature being lived out without restraint.) All getting what they want and living how they want, doing what they will… and ‘peace’ reigning over the world… without Christ… Not discouraged at all, 12:47pm… Just don’t want any to be deceived… to any that would say that I am deceived, I say, judge me by my fruit… can a deception bring forth life???

*Adapted from Titus:

     God has promised those who have faith in Him, eternal life. God can not lie. verse 1,2,3.

     God has established His truth in His ministers. (preaching)… that preaching being professed by those God has commanded.

     Paul informs the elect of God that he purposefully left them in Crete– to satisfy those needs that will arise. To place individuals in leadership positions, and those qualifications that would yield the appropriate candidates. These are the men and women that are needed in today’s society.


-One Wife

-Faithful children (not riotous)

-Not Self-willed

-Not quick to anger

-Not given to wine (alcohol/drunkard)

-Not a striker (Fighter/Brawler)

-Not given to filthy lucre (bribery, money, women, whoredom.)


-Lover of good men.

-Holy, temperate, balanced

-Faithful to what he has been taught.

*That he may exhort and convince gainsayers. 

How is this list for goals and standards??? *eyebrows raising up and down*…

Anyone who has ever wanted to be a respectable, God fearing man.

2:06PM–>> Listening to Skram… “There they go judging me.” (name of song)

My roommate thawed me out 2 fish (tilapia), grateful for that… we seasoned them up… lemon juice… Texas Pete… 45 min. later… and that’s a wrap… got me a lunch of sorts… brewed some fresh tea too… no sugar– ice-tea with all natural honey from Pickens, SC… thank you Lord for the little things.


Author: clhemingway99

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! Isaiah 52:7(KJV)

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