November 25, 2016

     NOTE 2 SELF… I DO LOVE JESUS… it’s not a question… it’s an ‘action’, it’s passion… not looking back, or over contemplation… speaking that love into existence and acknowledging those proclamations by my lifestyle… God is my truth… Jehovah God… is my truth… He is wisdom and everything good… my defense, my deliverer, my strong city, my refuge, in Him do I trust. By Him all things consist… thank you Jesus for your revelations, thank you for your truth and light. My heart was aching today and I did take it upon myself to contact *her name here*… in many ways it was difficult… I want to know Jesus, that I did what I was supposed to and said those things that I should to bring You glory and to usher her toward you… help me Jesus, not to harm her perspective concerning the kingdom anymore than I already have. Help none of this be about me, but about you and her Jesus. Thank you for sanctification.


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