September 23, 2016

PM 10:30ish

     The day is done… right before beginning to get some work done… I committed myself to playing a game of RISK… Risk is not a quick game. 2.5 hours have passed and I got no work done… I needed the break though… I needed the company… I was bummed out about the things that went on this week concerning Charlotte… I’m usually already on edge when it comes to any type of civil unrest, ( I think that’s what the riots would be called.) but my mom took a job in Charlotte 2 weeks ago and with the riots going on around where she works it could have… it was dangerous… people were shot, there was tear gas, things getting messed up, the National Guard was called in… it wasn’t nice, to say the least… it’s not even about people protesting anymore, (these days)… it’s about acting a fool and getting what you want… and life is composed of soo much more… but it’s not about that when all your life you’ve been being lied to and taught to believe the invalidness that is taught in society (America) today. No morals, no boundaries, just pleasure and desire and rage.


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