May 17, 2016


I did not complete my journal last night; I was extremely tired after reading… it’s morning now, just after breakfast. I really need to write my family. I’ve been putting it off (procrastinating). I’ll get something together/started—today… I feel good- just tired. Working on getting motivated for chapel and the seminar afterward. I’m ready for chapel but the seminar ****sigh… kinda’ dull… there’s plenty to learn though. Seminar is on being a dad… I don’t have any kids… yet… but there is plenty to gather from the seminar.

*Devotion– “The divided Middle”

-Neither by our own imaginations (heart) or by our technological advances (mind) do we draw our meaning or hope that truly reflect the nature of our being. Only God’s Lordship should shape our reflection and action in the world.

Scripture- Romans 7:22-23

Law of God–> law of the mind          ————- warring against one another.

Law of sin –> in the flesh                    ————-warring against one another.


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