August 1, 2017


Thank You Father, for a quiet house, a peaceful house… brothers are all getting ready for bed… though, we all have a lil’  bit of homework to do… I’ve not even gotten to dinner yet, but <shoulder shrug>, some people (many) won’t ever see a dinner tonight… thank You Lord for the privileges we have… thank You for life, Your mercy, and grace…

An individual at church asked me to check out some videos pertaining to the approaching- solar eclipse…not only is this a ‘once in a lifetime’ event….this (I’m told) eclipse will be best viewed from one place in the entire world— and that place is Greenville, SC. and this is where I call ‘home’… God couldn’t be more good to me… for real… I’m not bout’ to get off on how absolutely ungrateful I am or how much I fall short… Literally, maybe I’ve spent way too much time pondering that, than trusting God… I trust God, but I think I could trust Him way more… whatever word in greek or hebrew that means to trust, but also to trust in action/deed… that’s where I want to be.

Thank You, Lord for Your faithfulness.

July 31, 2017


Head knock’in like there is a small interstate being built on the left side of my face. Had a ‘filling’ done today in a dentist’ ‘mobile unit’… Laying down because I’m hoping to rest and feel better… and besides, some time to myself to reflect and seek God will do me a whole lot of good, I’m sure of it.

Today, I received some great news regarding the company I’ve considered joining… our director told me, ‘it’s pretty much a done deal.’ So, I’ll just have to go through the application process, and start work… our teacher at ‘Tech’ is really trying to expedite things in class as well, so ‘should start work very very soon. (Soon as class is finished with.)

Spent a little time acknowledging all the opportunities there are to do wrong and spoke up about it, and my director explained the verse pertaining to our weakness in relation to God’s strength… I’m taking all the advice I can because truth is, I know I need Jesus to work out my days, to set my paths straight… to guide me into all truth… I NEED Jesus.

July 30, 2017


Time for ‘church’, waiting on my ride… for the past three or four weeks, I’ve been accompanied by a few of my brothers, but they’ll be visiting another church this morning, so I can not drive our organization’s vehicle this morning… (requires three men to utilize the van)….ride just pulled up.

8:40ish a.m.:

Seated now in the gymnasium (Sunday School) of the church’s campus. We will probably go to coffee shop after today’s service… I’m excited for what the Lord will do today in the service… it’s a great day for renewing. Thank You Jesus.


Holy Spirit! Thank You for renewal/regeneration, for the greater things You’re gonna do in us… I see visions, I’m acquainted with Your grace, every good thing is coming from You! Your holiness and developing me in righteousness… Never go back, Father! Bless me Lord in my speech, step, understanding, comprehension, and drive… Build me up a disciple, Father, not forsaking the ministry… Not for fun Jesus, but for Your pleasure… lead me in faith to liberate captives… help me dig past ‘face-value’… and dig that much more when life gets REAL! Guide me in this life of purpose where no action is without consequence.

July 29, 2017


Holy is Your name, Father… Thank You for grace and mercy.

Thank You for bringing ‘Jose’ Colorado’ home safe from his stint in the county jail. Brother went home (Colorado) for what was sposed’ to be a short visit and court appearance. (He was assured he’d do ‘no time’.) This was close to two or two and one half months ago… the brother made it thru with an incredible testimony… I mean, the man was spirit-filled during his stay with the Overcomers, and his patience/faith has been tested and refined (as the heart’s of the sovereign’s children often are… being purged in His love unto righteousness.) and he was delivered to the jailer’s in Colorado where he was able to be a walking, talking testament of God’s love and mercy. blessed are the feet of those who bring good news… (Isaiah 52:7)

thank You Lord for peace in our house and sanctifying Your sons for that which You’ve ordained us. Thank You Father for blessing my leaders and counselors and our positions in the kingdom- as lightbearers… for courage and boldness to be obedient in season and out of season… filling our hearts with praise and our lips with songs of worship. You are worthy Lord.. help us stand and continue to stand.

July 28, 2017


Speak to this heart, Father. Illuminate my life with the understanding of the scriptures… of Your love for Your children. Thank You for the opportunities we have to share that love with others. We don’t have to be ashamed. Thank You for liberating Your children from darkness and sin. If we fall, You help us to get back up. Thank You for the quiet moments we have to spend alone with You. Thank You for helping me get home today, safe.

There’s so much going on in the world, but thank You Lord for supplying the needs of Your children.

Brother, keep reaching out– continue to seek God’s face– seek Him and He will reveal Himself to you, and He will deliver you into a life anew. You will be as an entirely new person. A person who lives contrary to all that we have known, said, or done. Everything we have believed about ourselves will be dispelled, that does not glorify God.

Thank You Jesus, for good health, and the ability, and time to praise You. You alone are God, and know all things. Your will be done Father… thank You for making all this possible.

July 27, 2017


Thank You Lord for the men and women at the Spinx (gas station), thank You for territory and the recognition, thereof… Thank You for helping me understand that no church is confined to it’s walls… thank You for granting me understanding with all the ‘getting’ of wisdom… accompanied by the desire to pursue you over any and everything. We’ve not been delivered to death but into ‘life’ with purpose and function and assignment.

Three days ago I picked up a newspaper, and decided to read it two days ago… there was an article where various pastors were questioned concerning whether or not they were worried about attendance and whether or not they’d sell their buildings as the surrounding areas were gentrifying… this was a particular concern for one pastor of an African American church who stated that there was a concern for their churches future because all the neighboring areas were becoming ‘condo-ous’.. and the tone of the whole article was relatively ominous… full of despair…  in my mind… I’m thinking ‘HOPE!!’ brother… hope!!! This is also bout’ the time I’m thinking, so…. without the building- do we quit worshiping??? or because a congregation is prominently white or black- you will refuse to attend it? Or, because you will only worship God in a particular way among others who worship the way you worship? If these are the cases, then is this worship? True worship??

Lord, thank You for showing me that as I breathe, Your spirit rest on me and in me… and that wherever I am there You are, and the living spirit of the church… not the spirit of doubt or fear.


July 26, 2017


Brother, I want to help you. You see, God, He’s been so good to me. If you could see me today, you’d understand that I’ve been delivered… that, I’m all the way o.k… when I tell people, today, what was and who i used to be, they don’t believe it… but, believe me brother, as I am standing, as I am breathing… I tell you, there is indeed The God; not just a god… He is THE GOD!!! The creator of all things… and He does, does, does, love you dearly… He loves us… and yea, we’ve all got stories (so the common cliche’ goes) and I’ve not been there for your highlights or the lowest moments… but, I assure you that an ever-loving, ever-sovereign, ever-patient God was… Waiting for the ever-fated moment you’d ‘turn’ in your heart of hearts, from whatever design you’ve created for yourself, and seek that purpose for which you’ve been created.

God has life stored up for you unlike that you’ve ever-known… and I’m not selling anything my brothers (sisters)… this is no mere dream, or positive idea I’ve conjured up… Our Father who is in heaven sent His son to earth to die for you and I, that we may have life… not the temporal life which perishes, decays, and corrupts… but that eternal life with eternal riches of priceless value… rest and peace, clarity, fellowship, and oneness with the glory of God. We shall be like Him at His appearing. Amen. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus.